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The religion voodoo

The voodoo is a religion which origin owes to the beliefs of the western African peoples that were moved to different countries like slaves, and also to the contact of the above mentioned religion with the beliefs of the Christian religion.

The voodoo is treated basically as a variant by theist who is based on the animism and also it possesses a strong magic belief, and it is important to emphasize that the voodoo is one of the most ancient religions of the world together with the polytheism and the monotheism. Revising a little the history of the voodoo we can say that when I begin the slaves' traffic towards America, an important syncretism phenomenon took place between the voodoo and the Christian beliefs that the esclavistas had, as well as also, there were mixed the beliefs of the native religions of all the places where the slaves were transported. This way it is as there arose the Haitian voodoo and other derivatives of this religion like for example the Santería, the Candomblé, and Umbada in Brazil, in addition to which the voodoo showed in several Caribbean countries many of these changes has come to Europe of the hand of returned emigrants.

voodoo - elementOn the other hand, the American voodoo is an excellent example of evolution between this religion animist, the Christian beliefs, and the local peoples religions, and I begin when several African slaves of the Gulf of Guinea were used like slaves in Haiti and in some other places of the Carib. Also, the voodoo is a religion that is extended in regions much esclavistas of the United States up to the abolition, like for example New Orleáns; a curious fact that we can contribute with regard to this religion in America is that in Haiti the use of the voodoo was oficializada like religion on the part of the Duvallier government, since they took as a purpose to reinforce the power during his order.

When the voodoo begun to be practised, his believers have neither any clergy nor established traditions since due to the connotation that possesses this religion, I turn out to be much chased by the owners esclavistas, forcing his slaves to convert to Christianity. Nevertheless, the voodoo was a strong modality of the urban popular culture since one of the most famous characteristics of this religion is that to his Bokor (Sacerdotes vuduistas) assumes to them the power to resuscitate the dead persons to make them work according to his expediency, and in turn, it is said that they can provoke the death his will. Anyhow and in spite of his negative reputation, such objects of the voodoo as the dolls have become acquaintances all over the world, and even even, in many countries, sell like toy or adornment for the boys and adolescents. It is necessary to emphasize also that an extensive bibliography and movies exist about the voodoo, that in general, a tendency possesses to demonizar the practices of this region, but this is true or not, the reality is that at present the voodoo has more than 50 million faithful in the whole world.

Ceremonies voodoo

voodoo - ceremonyThe ceremonies voodoo possess a big mystique ocultista and spiritualistic, which one can be taken as demoniacal or not, according to the context in which they are practised, but the true thing is that in most of the rituals voodoo, the faithful enter situation (a spice of hypnosis) and themselves it is who begin to shout and to bang or between them while they chorus African songs. One of the reasons for which the voodoo is one of the most convicted religions socially there are the animal sacrifices, since it is very common to see as in a ceremony voodoo, who take part of her, kill mercilessly hens, goats and up to even dogs or cats, for the purpose of offering his blood to the spirits that govern his world.

Another very common characteristic in a ceremony voodoo is to see like the bogeys of the dead persons (for the vuduistas their names are Engun-gus) together with dolls decorated with stones they begin to dance about the presents, and the fear that this generates the followers of the voodoo prevents them to have a direct contact with these figures since one believes that if they go so far as to touch his souls they would remain lost and in hands of the bogeys.

The traditions of the voodoo have been passing for generations by means of the oral educations, that is to say that official books of the religion do not exist, not even a "Bible" that all the dogmas indicate and the prescripts on which the voodoo bases, nevertheless, at present millions of persons are those who practise this type of rites and religions, both in Africa and in the areas of the Carib and largely of America.

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