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Videos of bogeys and appearances

The bogeys videos probably are one of the most concise tests about the existence of the same ones, but it is a difficult knowledge when they are trucados or without bearing in mind all the programs of edition and special effects that exist at present and with which so many people realize their own home-made movies.

Probably let's never have the absolute certainty of that at what we are looking is really the appearance of a bogey, or simply a good assembly, this is something that it will stay in the conscience of each one, but definitely those videos of bogeys that have happened under the experts' magnifying glass and have been corroborated by the same ones, they expire with certain characteristics together. The most habitual is the interference and this is due to the fact that the bogeys possess one high magnetic load and as well we know, the magnetic fields do not allow the electronic devices to work correctly, even great times, in several bogeys videos, we can see as of to little the sign is getting lost until it is cut abruptamente.

Not even the highest technology can against this fact, and that's why it is difficult to find between the bogeys videos someone that lasts more than a few seconds. Other one of the most common characteristics there are the scoreboards of time of engraving, of the date and the hour; it is very common to see as the numbers are hastening and changing alone, changing the dates of the recording and in fact in this case he has gone so far as to verify that in many of the videos of bogeys which date of recording is different from the real one, it is a question of messages of a spirit or bogey that is trying to communicate for some reason. videos - fantasmas-filmadora

In this sense there exist very much cases in which, "cazafantasmas" they have started analyzing this type of details and have gone so far as even to solve murders, disappearances and other types of mysteries that were without resolving. Exactly for the interference that the magnetic fields do with the videos cameras, it is more common to find bogeys images in photos. On the other hand how well have we mentioned in previous articles about our place, it is very common to find bogeys in hospitals, morgues, you salt wakes and especially in cemeteries, and for it it is easier to be able to realize bogeys videos in places like these that in between four walls. In fact, if we have seen bogeys videos, we will be able to appreciate that in most of them, where some figure appears, are always filmed outdoors and this is due to the fact that after there is in a much wider ambience the electromagnetic field that characterizes them he does not interfere straight with the cameras; anyway, in these cases too many images cannot also take since as we have explained, any bogeys are evident usually feeding on energy and the same one is never the sufficient thing as so that the materialization is finished.

The videos of bogeys as scientific test

videos - fantasmas-filmarWhen the photos and the videos of bogeys began to appear in public, it was an epoch where to forge this type of documents was a very difficult task that needed a lot of time and a lot of money of investment, for this reason they were very few those who were taking the trouble. Also in that epoch, the bogeys videos were taken by many seriousness, and they were analyzed by a lot of more care. At present on the other hand, the computer programs to edit videos together with the imagination and inventiveness of many people, have been the principal persons in charge for the massive appearance of different types of videos of bogeys.

Thanks to this also, nowadays the matter of taking to the videos of bogeys like documents or tests about his existence has remained completely discarded. Nevertheless also we must say that the same technology that helps to discredit the bogeys videos, is who collaborates very much at the time of proving his existence in the real videos, since most of the investigators parapsicólogos that devote themselves to the investigation of this type of paranormal phenomena, use them same programs to analyze the bogeys videos.

Anyhow we know that the grace that it causes many to scare the persons with unknown or unincluded topics, it is much more important than the fact of thinking to the bogeys videos like a fundamental scientific test that it would help us to discover if really it exists the life after the death, for this reason, it is probable that there keep on being million videos of bogeys trucados and forged between only a few videos of real bogeys.

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