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What is the clairvoyance?

From the beginning of our history there has always been known the existence of witches, magicians, fortune tellers and wizards, and all of them were standing out in the society thanks to the different faculties and the aptitudes to get connected with the supernatural forces so that they guide them during his secret practices.

One of praises skills that they usually handled to the perfection was the clairvoyance. When they ask us: "What is the clairvoyance?" we say that it is a question of the capacity of seeing the events spent in the future, the present and the past. Thanks to the clairvoyance, the fortune tellers are capable of helping the persons, and even to entire societies, to carry some problems that appear before them in his way, and in the ancient history, the divination methods were used very much to be able to resist the seasons of drought and of famine that they were so common in those days.

From the epoch of the Inquisition, when the pursuit to them called witches was practically a sport, one try to eliminate all these practices, but the fact that at present they keep on using these methods in all the parts of the world, it is a reliable test of the importance that has the clairvoyance. clairvoyance - templateTwo types of clairvoyance exist: which one can be a native or, different methods can be used to be able to develop it, but in case it is natural we must say that those persons with this capacity usually have a very developed psychic mind since they can perceive all kinds of iformación that is much further of the scope of any person, and must emphasize that the psychic ones keep on being one of the topics most studied by the parapsychology since the clairvoyance represents a phenomenon of difficult comprehension. The shamans who have a capacity of very developed clairvoyance usually move back to forests, forest and deserts to practise his skills since to be always in contact with the nature helps us very much to our concentration, something indispensable to develop the clairvoyance. Bearing in mind that for the eyes of the common persons, the people who has different types of developed clairvoyance keep on being a deslumbre motive, since it is incredible to see like a person that not at all they have to do with other one it knows his secrets of the past and of the present, in addition to guiding it to be able to avoid the difficulties that were appearing before him in the life.

To develop the clairvoyance

Although a big part of the people condemns these practices to part of doubting them, many other one depends on her to manage to solve his most serious problems. In fact there are many of the most important and influential persons in the world, they appeal the clairvoyants to be able to know that course they will have to take his activities to obtain the success. It is important that we bear in mind that all of us have the capacity of the clairvoyance inside ours, but the problem is that we are used to focusing in the spontaneous reactions that we have opposite to the events using only the left hemisphere of the brain; it represents this one to the logical part of our mind and ours to gesticulate and it is the one that determines all the beliefs corresponding to the creativity, to the magic and to the perception that shows us the right hemisphere.

clairvoyance - clairvoyantWhen they ask us: "What is a clairvoyant?" we say that it is that one that possesses a development major in the right hemisphere than in the lefthander, and precisely this is the biggest request to manage to use this skill. A clear example about which we all have the capacity of the clairvoyance are the forebodings; often it has happened to all that we anticipate that slightly bad or good it is going to happen without having clear idea of what it is a question specially, and this ends up by happening; this type of things is an indication of that the capacity is there, slept, but present.

The well-known disciple of Freud Carl Jung, realized many contributions when it referred to the existence of an unconscious group who supports all of us in contact simply for the fact that we share the universe. From this collective place of the unconscious one the paranormal phenomena arise. Across the beginning of sincronicidad, Jung tried to find a connection between the real situations that interlace in a chance way, that is to say, those that do not present any type of mail with the law cause - effect. An example that can help us to understand what the clairvoyance is or what is a clairvoyant is when a mental image of us ourselves is reflected without any type of chance explanation and because of an event foreign to us, that is to say, to dream and that this happens. According to the terms explained by Carl Jung this is the congruity in the level of significance of a mental image with a material event that they give themselves in a simultaneous way. Bearing all this in mind we can deduce that really the capacity is inside ours, and although it seems impossible to develop, the clairvoyance is slightly natural that we all have.

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