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Clairvoyance by phone: Divination or therapy?

The clairvoyance by phone is only other of the excellent tricks of marketing that many persons design to take advantage of the people who believes and has faith in the clairvoyants, really at present, the clairvoyance is much more popular by phone that the real one (in spite of the irony that the name presents), and this not only him calm margin to the clairvoyants who really have powers and want to help the people giving him his services, but also the same ones make the reputation dirty.

Anyhow there is so big the power of reception that possesses the clairvoyance by phone that turns out to be very difficult to imagine that the above mentioned business takes revenge to down. In fact, in many cases, there have been created companies and entire companies of phone companhy that devote themselves only and exclusively to the clairvoyance by phone.

Now then, bearing in mind the quantity of the people who consults this way, we can appear which it is the margin of credibility that we must give him to the clairvoyance by phone, and the truth is that this stays inside the conscience of each one. Although it is true that the clairvoyance over a distance exists, we must bear in mind that the same one can only be carried out by a very experienced clairvoyant since it is needed a special power to achieve this, but in spite of this, most of the telephone numbers that they assure to offer clairvoyance services by phone are only a simple business. Anyhow we must say that many clairvoyants use this resource be already because they live remote or do not have the possibility of meeting the persons who need of his services.

But here we are not speaking about the telephone clairvoyance for which it is necessary to pay a certain money in minute of communication, but rather, we are not recounting to a last resource in case either the clairvoyant or the consultant could be present at the appointment; precisely in these cases it is when the clairvoyance by phone is usually equal of effective that personally. On the other hand we must say that many of the persons who resort to the telephone clairvoyance usually use it more as a therapy luck that like a divination method, and it is important to bear in mind that although the person with whom we are speaking possesses a certain psychic skill, it is not a question of a professional qualified in this area, for it it is fundamental that we can separate both resources.

Differences between the telephone clairvoyance and that of personal type

clairvoyance - por-telefono-bola-cristalAlthough in the clairvoyance by phone there are used resources very similar to those of the personal clairvoyance, we must say that the biggest difference takes root precisely in the name of both. While the clairvoyance for phone companhy is usually a very widespread consultation, the personal clairvoyance is exactly a personnel. In some previous article about this place we had mentioned the importance that has the connection between the clairvoyant and the consultant since as well we know, during a clairvoyance meeting, the energy that flows of both sides, especially on the part of the consultant, it influences very much the clairvoyances that could go so far as to generate for the clairvoyant, something that is very difficult to manage with the clairvoyance by phone.

In this case, with some information as the date of birth, the name and the surname and the situation for which it is passing, to part of the motive of the consultation, they are sufficient to establish an average connection, that's why the clairvoyance as phone companhy does not have the same effectiveness as the personal clairvoyance. We do not want to allow mentioning that in addition to the clairvoyance by phone other clairvoyance methods exist over a distance but in all the same happens. clairvoyance - por-telefono-pareja

Basically the principal advantage that has the personal clairvoyance on the clairvoyance by phone is that the flow of energy that is created in the ambience gives us many other possibilities of receiving the answer for that we are looking, that perhaps, it is not that let's want to hear but if the one to that we need to listen. Here also we find another point than to reduce him to the clairvoyance for phone companhy since as well we were saying at first, many company of telephone centers that deal with this service usually indicate to the "clairvoyants" who only him should say to the consultants what they want to listen, something that can turn out to be very harmful to the person who needs help. For this reason and someone more the fact is that the clairvoyance by phone is not a way in which it is possible to trust completely, for it it is always better that if we want to realize a clairvoyance consultation, we do not do it by phone but personally.

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