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The natural clairvoyance as a method of help

Although many clairvoyance methods exist, there are great the persons who possess the aptitudes to have visions regarding the past, the present or the future of a natural way, this phenomenon the parapsychology it has named it like Natural Clairvoyance.

Although presently the natural clairvoyance is one of the phenomena most studied inside the ambience of the parapsychology, it is known that from ancient times there exist persons provided with this skill, who in some cases were deciding to devote themselves to help his communities and peoples in exchange for meal, milk or money. Generally these persons were usually consulted so much for plebeian as for the people of the royalty, and up to today the natural clairvoyance is a phenomenon that it has helped to many nations in the most difficult times.

On the other hand it is important to bear in mind that we all have the aptitude to develop the power of the natural clairvoyance since one believes that this one is inside ours, asleep, but capable of being woken up, and for it different methods have developed it to manage to extract to the light. Such is the case of the cartomancy, the palmistry and many other types of mancia, that although there are considered to be simple interpretations of signs granted by different elements (letters, coffee, lines of the hand) to carry out the practice of these activities the capacity of natural clairvoyance helps us to be working of to little.

clairvoyance - natural-mujerBut in spite of all these practices that can be carried out to develop this capacity, many persons are born with this "gift" and usually use it, as in the antiquity, to help other persons with his different problems. Anyhow in this sense it costs to emphasize the fact that this is one of the reasons for which there discredits itself so much the gift of the natural clairvoyance, since as in most of the phenomena parapsicológicos of these characteristics, there are many persons who decide to take advantage of the people who truly believes in this power to extract profit of the same one. But in spite of this, the natural clairvoyance is a phenomenon that it possesses many believers since thanks to her many people to achieved to solve many problems and mysteries that were tormenting his life. In fact, it is much known in the world that the agencies of federal investigation of many countries, like also the services of intelligence, usually rely on with the help of called “psychic“, that they are precisely persons who possess natural clairvoyance and there usually intervene in many cases for the purpose of discovering serial killers and another type of criminals.

Natural clairvoyance: Power or hallucination?

Since well we all know, priests of religions like voodoo, umbanda or even the chamanismos, powers of natural clairvoyance assume, nevertheless, this type of clairvoyances will be nothing more that a power induced by the ingestion of different prepared by means of hallucinogenic grasses that they provoke that the persons who consume them between in a species of situation which makes him see different hallucinations, then: What is the difference between a natural clairvoyant and one which visions are provoked by the way?, the answer is more than simple since it hits in the eye. Those persons who really have the power of the natural clairvoyance, do not obtain his visions using any type of substance that could go so far as to alter his senses, that is to say, that his clairvoyant capacity is completely natural.

clairvoyance - natural-imagenNow then, in case of the shamans, we must say that the "clairvoyant" of the tribe, is in charge of receiving the messages that were interpreted to his believers, that is to say that in this case, the above mentioned natural clairvoyance is a question of giving simply a message interpreted by the gods, but how we have said, these hallucinations are obtained from different prepared that do that these persons begin to hallucinate. Nevertheless it is necessary to emphasize that at present there are many people who assumes the this way same powers of natural clairvoyance and precisely they obtain this "skill" consuming drugs and all kinds of substances that help them to see images about situations that they want to interpret in his minds.

And bearing in mind that the natural clairvoyance is one of the resources most used by those persons who are in exasperating situations, it is necessary to be very careful with the type of clairvoyant with whom it talks each other. Finally, and alluding to this topic, the best way of differing a person who possesses the natural clairvoyance as a gift and not like something induced, it him is not rising questions that alone we know the answers, as many people think, but all the natural clairvoyants are put usually to tests parapsicológicas to determine not only the capacity of natural clairvoyance that they possess, but the type and the level. Since the natural clairvoyance can appear with clairvoyances about the past, including clairvoyances on past lives, clairvoyances of the present, in which we receive images of what there is doing in this moment some person who can be related or not to us, and clairvoyances of the future, in which, one persons that it possesses this power can see what it will spend in a space determined to a future time. Although any of them exist few persons' cases that present the gift of the natural clairvoyance in these three times (past, present and future), the parapsychology has not studied in depth too much this study.

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