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Past lives and reincarnation

There are great the religions and creeds that they believe that the evolution is reached by means of the reincarnation, and precisely it is this one the one that supports the theory of which we all have lived through one or more past lives.

This is due to the fact that according to the esoteric and religious beliefs, the human beings we must happen for several lives to achieve the evolution of our spirit; one of the religions that more emphasis does as for the past lives is that of Buddha, where the base of all his beliefs is the reincarnation Buddhist. On the other hand, many persons make sure that each of the lives through that we live, help us to learn of the errors committed in the past lives, what implies that the past lives also have direct bearing on the law of the Karma. Anyhow we must say that for most of the persons who have been born and grown in Occident, the belief in which each of us has had past lives can turn out to be a little strange and for some up to ridiculous.

lives - pasadas-imagenBut we cannot ignore the fact of many religious texts of many of the most advanced societies they have been in charge of treating the theory of the past lives and have described the impact that this produces in our current life. From the point of view of many religions, we do not come to this world “gaps“, since the life that we take at present in a continuation of our past lives, and hence the life through that we are living now will be a part of future lives. Another interesting point that exists inside this theory is that the memories of the lives spent often usually intermingle with experiences of the adolescences, childhood and birth of the present life.

Now then, since we know all, the science and the Christianity have been in charge of ridiculing this theory for the long time, but many investigations in the mastery of the transpersonal, it keeps on providing enormous evidence quantities of that the study on the past lives is not in vain since the tests that have obtaining from last time represent factors so decisive that at present one believes that all those who deny and renounce the theory of the past lives do it because they do not have enough information about the topic. One of the most concrete tests as for the existence of the past lives there are the psychological treatments with retrogressions, since the same ones help to that many people could solve problems which origin they do not know, like the phobias and the fears, and even up to the allergies. In fact there is a history much known in the psychology that tells that a patient went to try to find out the motives for which it was dangerously allergic to the nuts and to the milk; by means of a retrogression it were discovered that in one of his past lives he had been a soldier that in famine time during a war and after many days had happened without eating, the first thing that it had to his scope to feed were a nuts and milk, and just after proving his first morsel in several weeks, they executed it. This one is alone one of the thousands of histories that they involve to the lives spent in problems of the present life.

It leaves Vu: a symptom of the past lives

lives - pasadas-penduloAlthough the theories about the phenomenon It Leaves Vu they are great, there are great the people who relates them to the past lives. The deja vu describes a sensation that makes us feel something through that we already live, or that has been experienced previously. This connection with the past lives is usually accompanied on a convincing familariadad sensation with regard to some experience for which we are happening in the present; many people usually associate it with sleep, but many other one makes sure that it is a question of experiences that have been lived in the past.

For many students in the topic, the Deja Vu is basically a symptom of having crossed for different spent lives in which we have already realized the activity in the present and exactly what we have it is a memory about that. Another type of experience that usually happens very often between the people is when two persons know each other and feel a certain immediate affinity or they are thinking about being known about some side in spite of knowing that this is not like that. The famous phrase “I feel that I meet you of earlier” it does not limit itself to being only an affectionate phrase but often the same one has much more felt of the one that we give him really.

It is common that in our present life we cross with persons with whom we were involved in past lives, that's why it is common to have this feeling with some person that we have just known, in our present life.

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