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Is there life after the death?

The science could never be capable of answering the big question if there is life after the death, in fact, the man for its own account it has developed methods hundreds to try to obtain some concise proof that this really is like that, but the true thing is that in spite of the experiences that so many persons argue, it was never possible to have the certainty of which the life after the death is a fact.

The crossed opinions and the points of view are great about this question and most of them are raised by different cultures and religions, but: What does the life mean really after the death?, basically, the general argument that we know is the fact that the spirits or souls of the persons, for reasons that next we will silver-plate, he remains "beaten" in our dimension. Some of the argued reasons are, for example, that the person died leaving some sleep or task for expiring that is to say, that can only in this plane tried solve the loose end that could not resolve in life.

Others say that the souls that stroll for our dimension correspond to persons who had really violent deaths and enter the shock state, denying his death and trying to continue with his life until in some moment they realize that really they are dead. And other of the motives for which he believes in the life after the death is because the deceased does not want to become alienated from his material possessions and his affections, refusing to happen towards what is known commonly how “further away”. On the other hand, many cultures accept and respect the life after the death since they understand that it is a part of an evolutionary process for which every human being has to - despues-muerte-luz

For it, one works in coexisting in peace with the souls respecting his physical places and frequently helping them to that they continue the way that they are destined to continue. All these points of view mentioned with regard to the life after the death, they are argued by persons who really have faith in it, but also there are those skeptics who attribute to this belief the desperation of the persons for believing that his dear beings who have died, continue between us and this way to have the possibility of facing the loss from another angle, and others argue the need of the persons in believing that there is something more, and that everything does not end with the death. A detail that is important of standing out is that one of the strongest cultures that based most of his beliefs on the life after the death, is that of the ancient Egypt, where the deceased were prepared to cross his way for further away, shutting them up in graves with all his wealths and even even with many living relatives or his pets so that they could do his transition all together.

The life after the death, to see to believe

As well we said, many are the testimonies of different persons who make sure that the life after the death not only exists but he waits for us for all, and although forceful tests never appeared about this question, thousands are the cases that we know of photos, videos, persons' audio recordings that have already died; many methods are even used to achieve some type of contact with the souls of the persons. The problem that appears at the time of arguing the existence of the life after the death with these tests, is that each and everyone of them are perfectly manipulables, that is to say that they can be forged, and precisely for this reason the fact is that there are so many people who does not believe in this fact.

life - despues-muerte-cementerioNow then, the persons have tried to demonstrate the life after the death for the long time, contacting deceased persons but: What happens when the spirits contact us?, in this sense we must point out that there are many cases in which, persons who have remained caught in a life after the death that really they do not wish, look desperately for the help on the part of the living persons, and the same ones usually present before themselves themselves by means of writing in walls or roofs, messages and signs that although they could seem confused at first, in some moment devote themselves understanding.

Anyhow we must point out that often this can turn out to be dangerous since a deceased that it crosses for the life after the death can have a such desperation grade for going out of this state that has the possibility of taking possession on the body of the person from whom he expects for his help. That's why it is very important that whenever it is played or some contact is had with this type of things, we are perfectly suitable emotionally and psychically to be able to carry any circumstance that could appear before us if a person who takes a life after the death decides to ask for our help.

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