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Different santería works

The santeria works are based generally on magic works, which can be of black magic and white magic although it is important to stand out the fact that at present the santería works are much more focused in the black magic.

The spiritualism also is much involved in the santeria works since often the santeros invoke spirits in his rituals so that these possess them and this way to canalize his power across his body. Often these spirits can represent the God and the saints of the santería, but in turn, demoniacal entities can be evident, especially if it is a question of a work of black magic. The spirits of deceased persons also are involved in these works, since often they are invoked for the purpose of that the same ones hurt to some person the animal sacrifices also they are very common in the santería works.

Since these offer themselves the saints with the target to obtain his collaboration in the work that is carried out, and is in these cases where we can find an impressive similarity between the santería and the voodoo. works - santeria-trabajoThe santeria works for the love also are very popular, in fact the santera is one of the practices magic that more practical with mooring charm, it is important to bear in mind that in general most of the works of santería promise us immediate solutions and although often this is true, we must bear in mind that if the above mentioned work was not realized correctly, the same one will bring to us many other problems than we had already.

And on the other hand, if we have in mind to carry out some type of work, we must have in clear that after a time, the same one it will turn in ours against, although most of the santeros say that this is not true. Another important point to stand out is that a lot of santeria works were realized by the tribes to manage to manipulate the slaves' hunters that usually them and sell them capture in auctions. Next we will explain some of the works of santería so that we could know a little better that talk each other.

Santería work to manipulate a person

These santeria works been carried out usually for the purpose of being able to escape of those persons who had the members of the tribes captive like slaves. With a black cloth there was made a doll as representation of the person on which the control wanted to be exercised. The above mentioned doll had to be refilled by cemetery ground and once finished there were sticking to him three pins which were located one in the abdomen, other in the head, and another just person in the heart, and a very important detail is that this work must always be realized when the moon is in his diminishing state. This night it will have to pronounce a conjuration, with the doll in the hands which will say “my slave forever you will be, and it will be me who will be able to dominate you only”.

To invalidate the enemy

works - santeria-santeraAlthough this is one of the works of more ancient santería of the religion, at present it is one of those who more are used especially in the labor ambience. The purpose of these works of santeria is that of neutralizing the person with whom we are competing this way to manage to stand out on. This work consists of writing in a role sheet, with black ink, the finished name of the person that we want to neutralize, and once done stole sheet will have to be placed, coiled as if it was a parchment, inside a bottle of transparent glass, a red tape, six peppercorns and a mercury drop. The bottle must be completely closed and kept in some place of our house.

So that an enemy allies us

These santeria works were usually very popular between the tribes since generally they were used to achieve that the slaves' hunters help them to escape. Now well the elements that are used now are slightly more modern, and this work has received a process slightly more complicated than that of the reality. It will have to obtain a photo of the person to which we want to realize the work, but in case this is not possible, of that time birth one will have to note down the finished name of this person more his date d in a sheet. There catches fire an aromatic smoke of jasmine or of violets and the photo or the parchment will have to be spent across his smoke; while this action is carried out it will have to repeat three times:“ you that you are my enemy, I need you from my side, forget your hate towards me and turn into my ally”. After doing this, in a very small box that has a lid it will have to place this parchment together with a stone of beryllium, sheets of lavender and it is important that the box is not opened ever, by it it must be kept correctly. This conjuration is very effective, but one believes that if it is realized during a night of full moon, his results will be seen in minor time.

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