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Types of throw of the tarot

When we speak about a throw of the tarot we refer to the consultations in which the tarotista throws the letters to us so that then they are interpreted. In this sense we must say that there exist several types of throw of the tarot, between which we can mention the throw to three letters, where only three will be the letters protagonists of the consultation and in the same ones we will see our past, our present represented and logically our future. Other of the ways of throw of the tarot is that of the answer to Yes or to Not, and in this case to interpret correctly to the letters in this throw way there will have to be counted the number of letters that should go out to the right and the other way round, and generally the letter that is placed in the way will cost for two letters. If most of the letters are to the right, of that time one the answer will be positive, but if they all or the majority are of head the answer is negative.

In case a "tie" should produce then the letters to itself they are indicating us that do not want or cannot answer, and in this case we must never insist on the same question, simply we must happen to the next one. throw - tarot-templateAlso the throw of the tarot is in pyramid, where the letter that is located in the top will comprise the domineering aspects of the throw of the tarot, two following ones the alternatives to be chosen, the three further down will indicate the cause of the problem by which the consultation is realized and 4 letters that form the base will be the solutions that the tarot suggests for the problems. The types of throw of the tarot in V also are appealed enough by the tarotistas and in this case we must say that the letters are teaching in a successive way all the steps from our past up to our future, and where the last letter is usually the general conclusion of the throw. Since we can see there exist different ways of throws of the tarot, and it is important that we bear in mind that none of them is more effective than other one, simply they symbolize different forms of interpretation of the problems by which it is consulted, now well, it is important that in case we carry out the throw of the tarot ourselves, then we choose the one that easy seems to us and with that we feel more familiar.

Qualities of a good tarotista

It is important that we bear in mind that all those persons who devote themselves to the throw of the tarot as way of life, must expire with certain important characteristics, in addition to possessing the knowledge adapting and I complete about the arcane ones and the ways of throw of the tarot, and we say this because as well as the tarot represents one of the best methods of guide and divination, also it does place to many persons who devote themselves to the swindle across this method. Bearing in mind this we can say that a person is not a big artist because simply he can draw, but it is necessary to have a special talent to be able to do it artistically; the same happens with the tarot.

throw - tarot-tarotistaTo manage to interpret correctly the different types of throw of the tarot, it is needed a very special skill. On the other hand also it is important that a tarotista supports an excellent discipline and perseverance as for learning of the ways of throw of the tarot. It is fundamental that they practise very much, preferably every day, since the best teacher of the tarot is precisely the practice. Finally we do not want to leave aside the fact that the intuition is an excellent reinforcement at the time of realizing a throw of the tarot, and it is true that many persons do not possess a sense of the intuition the sufficiently developed, for it we must say that there are different ways of developing it.

The most effective way is using different meditation methods, since as well we know, the meditation helps to which we open certain doors of our mind that help us not only with the intuition but also with the capacity of clairvoyance that we all have inside ours. The reading of the tarot over a distance, how for example by phone, can it help us to develop our aptitudes to achieve a throw of tarot and an interpretation of the same correct; also it is important to use our imagination and to exercise it; a good method to achieve this is for example, while we look at a movie to begin to imagine the following scenes or even the end, inside the context of the plot.

As well we said, it is very important that every tarotista possesses a certain sensibility to the perception since otherwise, it is possible that the throw of the tarot does not turn out to be so effective as the consultant waits.

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