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Runes reading


Skills for the runes throw

The runes throw has some variants since there exist different ways of throwing them, but it is important to bear in mind that beyond the skill of throw of runes that is used during a consultation, the interpretation is always the same one, what it defers is that some throws are usually slightly more finished than others as for his content and answer.

One of the simplest methods and with that generally one learns to realize the runes throw it is the skill of the rune of Odín, which consists only it is to extract only one rune. In this case we must say that the rune indicates us the conditions and present problems, and the possible solution that we can apply.

The second skill or method of throw of runes that we will mention is that of the throw of three runes; to realize it is thrown first of all, we must have much in skylight the situation as which we are consulting, this way once we have it in mind and focus in her, the best thing is to select three runes at random, one for one, and to place them by order of right appearance to left.

throw - runas-tiradaThe runes must always be read from right to left, and generally the first rune will allude to the situation for which we are crossing, the rune of the center will suggest us which will be the best way of acting opposite to the above mentioned situation, and the third rune, the rune of the left will indicate us what will provide the future to us, always bearing in mind the problem for which we realize the runes throw. Another very used method is the second throw of three runes, which generally is realized when a person is completely blocked by a situation, in this case the runes will be interpreted as the first one of the runes is extracted, for example, it represents the frame of mind which the above mentioned situation is facing, the second rune for his part represents the motive or the reason that is blocking the person, the motive for which the same one cannot advance, and the third and last rune will indicate us which the best exit will be or to the best way of solving and of detaching the above mentioned blockade.

The Runic Cross

Although the previous methods to carry out the runes throw are quite basic and generally there are the skills used by the beginners, been due exactly to his simple-mindedness, the method that there use most of the experienced persons the skill of the Runic or Celtic Cross where the quantity of runes that will throw themselves in the table six will be, and the order in the one that places them is something more complicated. Let's remember that the runes must always make themselves comfortable according to the order in which they are extracted, but in this case, the runes throw must go in a special order: the runes 1, 3 and 5 will form the horizontal line of the cross, while the runes 4, 2 and 6 will be placed in a way corresponding to the vertical line that the horizontal one cuts, being the runes 4 and two those who place under the rune 3, and six superficially.

throw - runas-hombreOne of the most important advantages of this skill for the runes throw on other skills is that, on having been inspired in the tarot, it offers us a much wider panorama and competo about the situation and the correspondent forms of current opposite to the same one. In this skill, the first rune will represent to the past, that is to say, from which situation we come. The second rune for his part represents the situation in which we are in this moment and as we are feeling opposite to her.

The third rune represents the future, what waits for us from here on once we manage to get away from the situation in which we are united. The fourth rune of this throw of runes, it alludes to the bases of the situation for which we are consulting, to the unconscious elements and to the archetypal forces that are generated about the same one. For his part, the fifth rune represents the totality of the changes and the challenges and they indicate the nature of the changes as for the obstacles that obstruct our way. Finally, the sixth rune indicates us the results that wait for us with regard to this situation and of that we must operate way opposite to them to prevent from being generated the same problem for which we consult.

One of the most important factors that we cannot allow emphasizing with regard to this skill of throw of runes, is that the same one contains a considerable information quantity, but in case although we realize this runes throw several times we do not find an answer that satisfies us, the best thing will be to return all the runes to the bag, and to extract the seventh one, since this one will clarify us which it is the extract of the situation for which we are crossing.

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