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Types of runes for divination and charm

Although the runes are usually of origin a Viking there exist several types of runes which, to weigh in his differences as for his origins, his history and design, basically they all possess the same meanings.

All the types of runes consist of an oracle who possesses approximately 25 engraved symbols in what it can be a stone, wood or seeds, of which only 9 possess the same meaning so much to the right as the other way round. Let's remember that the runes started by being an alphabet luck although his powerful simbología transformed them into amulets that were used like protection. On the other hand we must say that most of the types of runes are used in the magic both for the divination and for the charm, and this is due to the fact that the symbolic and energy load of each of the symbols that are carved on the surface of the runes is very powerful.

From the creation of the oracle of the runes, as the God Odín, who was for nine days hung of a tree before obtaining the knowledge corresponding to these symbols, different cultures were adopting them creating this way the different types of runes that today we know. Since well we have said to the beginning of the article, the runes vikingas were the first ones that existed, and then the druids adopted them and adapted forming this way the Celtic runes oracle. types - runas-tiposOn the other hand it is interesting to stand out the fact that the druids in addition to using these types of runes as oracles were using them in the magic, from there created the magic runes, which are used to realize magic, where the symbols of each of them it represents strong and powerful protection amulets.

On the other hand, also we must stand out the fact that any of the types of runes used like oracle they are very easy to use and to interpret since they possess throws very simple to practise in addition to that the meanings are specific and finished but we must remember that none of the types with runes will provide to us a specific answer to about what we ask. On the other hand it is necessary to emphasize that none of the types of runes is any more sutilizado than other; perhaps, the runes vikingas are the most well-known and most renowned because precisely there were the first runes that existed, but both the Celtic runes and the magic runes are used likewise the vikingas. Now then, the difference between these types of runes takes root in the use that one gives to the same ones, for example, the runes vikingas and the Celts, they are used usually like oracle, while the magic runes, they are more used for the magic charm. Anyhow the Celtic runes also are used at the time of realizing protection charm, but it is more common that they are used like divination way.

The power of the types of runes

It is important to bear in mind that each of the types of runes that are used both like divinatory method and for the magic, keep the philosophy that we need to find our way. Logically for to be able to use and make use of the education that the types of runes leave to us, we must have a very important and very finished spiritual preparation since we must remember that if we do not meet in harmony the divinity, none of the types of runes is going to expire with what we want, because of it it is important to realize numerous works and meditation exercises, this way to manage to communicate us with our interior me and also to facilitate finding the answers for that we are looking inside ours.

types - runas-runasOn the other hand, if the types of runes that we know will be used like amulets of protection, of defense or of the luck, it is fundamental that we have a blind faith in them. How well we have explained in other articles about our place, so that the magic should work we must believe in her, and the same happens with the power of the types of runes, so that them the same they serve to us as protectors, we must believe that the knowledge that they load more energy of the gods canalized across these symbols, they will provide to us what we need.

Another important point of standing out with regard to the importance of using the power of the types of runes in our favor, is that we must know his history, from which they come, the symbolisms and magic properties (and curative in case of the Celtic and magic runes) that each of her possesses, as also his correct interpretation is fundamental. We must not use powers that we do not know since we ever know that this can go so far as to bring consequences, that's why it is fundamental that while magic or divination is practised with the different types of runes, in parallel supports a study about the same ones.

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