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Types of magic and his different systems

Since well we know the magic it is an art which end is of producing results opposite to the natural laws, by means of different acts that are provided with the intervention of fantastic beings. Several types of magic exist and each of them uses different systems since they are based on proper beliefs, being characterized by the possession of a structure very similar to that of a religion. Although the systems that are used are different, the methods are more or less all similar, since they usually use the same elements (especially when the magic that is practised is white, that is to say, the magic of the good intentions) and in some cases similar deities are invoked.

The types of magic and the intention with those who are practised will depend on the person who carries out them; let's remember that the magic is neither good nor bad, simply different according to the intentions of the person who practises it. Behind all the types of magic one hides a very interesting philosophy that supports the whole theory of the practice, and it is fundamental that if a person decides to begin to practise some of the types of magic, knows to the perfection all his theory since the magic does not talk each other only of practice.

Magic Wicca

types - magia-brujaOne of the more influential types of magic in the latter times is the magic Wicca. For those that are not familiar with the term, Wicca is a religion neopagana that possesses a very spiritual and philosophical sense at the time of practising with magic.

This religion does cult to the nature and uses the magic as an autogrowth element, what indicates that the magic Wicca is of the types of white magic that more is practised, although the religion does not recognize none of the well-known types of magic, on the contrary, takes to the magic like only one. Although the magic Wicca has its own protective deities, the creed that the faithful share to this religion, it has not anything in common with the demon, that is to say that the Wicca does not believe in the existence of a demon since this is one of the types of magic that does not give place to the evil, using of the belief of which all impulsive evil, it will be returned multiplied by three.

Magic with sails

types - magia-velasBearing in mind the attraction that exercises the fire on the persons we must say that the magic with sails is one of most used exactly by the power that radiates the fire. The sails have a very magic mystique since they are ideal to create a propitious ambience at the time of carrying out a magic act. Two important rules to be born in mind when magic is realized with sails, the fact is that the color of which there are the sails must be according to the criterion with which the magic was practised, and the phases in which the moon is also it is fundamental. The magic practice with sails is very common since the same ones represent an essential tool in the ceremonies and rituals, therefore we can deduce that the magic with sails is much more used by those religions based on the magic.

Celtic magic

The Celtic magic is probably one of the types of magic more interesting that there is because his practice rests on a philosophy, which many create, it should be applied all over the world, this way practise some of the types of magic or not. The base of the above mentioned philosophy is “to do what is wished but without damaging the neighbor”, and the Celtic magicians are very respectful with this law. As the magic Wicca, the Celtic magic is of the types of magic that do not allow place the evil, therefore it can be considered inside the methods of white magic, and one of the most important characteristics that they will help us to distinguish to the Celtic magic of other types of white magic, the fact is that this one appeals constantly the elementary beings: elves, nymphs, poltergeists, gnomes, fairies etc.

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