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What is the telequinesis?

When they ask us what the telequinesis is, we say that this is basically the aptitude to move objects over a distance or, to modify them using the power of the mind without entering any type of physical contact with the same ones.

What explains the parapsychology opposite to this phenomenon is that the telequinesis takes place from the energy liberated by the mind, which provokes the movement of any type of object. On the other hand, many experts affirm that to learn telequinesis, first it is necessary to take it as an energy like a psychic flow that is capable of realizing a modification in the matter. To give an a little deeper explanation about this phenomenon we can say that the person that the above mentioned power comes, forms an electromagnetic field that consists of many characteristics (it even even can manage levitar). And precisely there is this field the one that it makes possible that a person is provided with these qualities, and one of the most important details to indicate as for the telequinesis, the fact is that any persons it is capable of developing this power. telequinesis-man

On the other hand, many investigators in the topic, answer the question: "What is telequinesis?" affirming that the capacity with which the human body is provided to create energy, differs very much, since it is magnetic, electrostatic and electromagnetic, nevertheless, they make sure that by means of the telekinesis, a person is capable of moving flagstaff 300 Kg in weight: How is this achieved?, good basically the mechanism consists of the fact that a person does not generate a power that achieves that the above mentioned matter quantity moves, but what this person does is to eliminate gravitational forces, which act straight on the above mentioned object. This way, 300 Kg do not represent any weight. Now well one believes that this energy capable of eliminating the gravitational forces comes from the deepest layers of the mind. For those that they want to learn telequinesis we say that the same one does not identify with anything concrete but simply we are speaking about an energy and it is important to stand out the fact that one has not managed to verify científicamente that the above mentioned energy comes from the mental capacity of the human being.

Famous cases of telequinesis

Although at present the telekinesis simply represents a theory that for many can turn out to be absurd while there themselves keep on asking about others what the telequinesis is, we cannot ignore the fact that from a beginning one speculated that the big blocks that form the pyramids of Egypt and other historic monuments of big importance were transported by means of the telequinesis. On the other hand also we must say that the telekinesis received a vital importance in the parapsychology once completed the second world war due to the supposed experiments that Hitler would have realized. One of the clearest examples is that history that it counts that Hitler numerous groups of specialists, to manage to move very heavy objects or, to read the thoughts, although this is a case of telepathy and not of telequinesis. Also we must emphasize that so much the diet Nazi as the same Hitler, they always had a certain inclination towards everything paranormal and secret.

telequinesis-silverwareNow then, the most well-known and investigated case is that of the mentalista Uri Geller, since the same one was very skillful in learning telequinesis and it is capable of doubling metal with the mind, in addition to which there assumes to him the aptitude to arrange clocks without the need to touch them and to thermometer increase the temperature in one in spite of only looking at it. One never manage to demonstrate that all this will talk each other of a simple rip-off since this case possesses a big study in the field parapsicológico. Now then, from these cases we must emphasize like the principal one that of Nina Kulagina, who under the attentive look of doctors, physicists and journalists, this woman (who had the head full of electrodes to control the cerebral waves while it was using his power) was capable of carrying out incredible telekinesis tests after a few stories minutes of concentration.

From managing to move objects and to do them levitar up to making to turn at an incredible speed the needles of a clock, also it was capable of provoking an intense heat in the neck of a volunteer in spite of only looking at it and even interrupting the cardiac rhythm of a frog, but due to the quantity of tests that they realized on his powers, the depletion that this caused him was very big and often his heart was coming up to 240 beats per minute and often I go so far as to lose up to 4 kilos for meeting. Nina Kulagina supported his telequinesis power until the year 1990 where he died up to today, there does not exist any type of doubts that his powers were coming from her. It was studied by 40 scientists in whole, between whom there were 5 Nobel Prizes, and they all came to the conclusion that the telequinesis really is possible.

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