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Does the telepathy exist?

The telepathy is a power developed by the mind of the human being and many after living creatures, which is characterized by the possibility of communicating information of a mind towards other one, without the use of such additional hardware like the corporal language or enclosed the speech.

The telepathy is considered to be a luck of extrasensory perception, and often it links with such different paranormal phenomena like the clairvoyance and to precognition. Anyhow it is important to emphasize the fact that although there has been realized a considerable quantity of tests and scientific experiments about the telepathy, the scientific community does not accept this power as a natural phenomenon of the human mind. At present, it is known that the energy levels that the human mind is capable of producing, turn out to be somewhat insufficient to allow that to be transmitted the information.

Also it is important to stand out the fact that very few references have been about the telepathy in the ancient cultures since there does not exist any record that documents the use of the above mentioned capacity. Now then, we must point out that the first investigation that it carried out was realized by the SPR (Siciety for Phychical Research) and his results were published in the year 1886, although the study on this battery dates of the year 1882. telepathy - womanMost of the initial investigations about the telepathy consisted principally of the compilation of different anecdotal histories since the experimental protocols were not sufficiently strict.

The study of the telepathy is considered to be by the scientific community a Pseudo-science luck, and most of the critics who are against of the above mentioned investigations make sure that the telepathy does not possess the suitable scientific rigor. We cannot allow mentioning the fact that as well as there exist any persons who possess the developed power of the telepathy, also there are indications of false telepathists. Often, the desire or the need to want to communicate across the telepathy has a such power, that the person autosugestiona and he is thinking about being capable of doing it, this is what happens with many persons who endure schizophrenia, who usually have the false sensation of being in telepathic communication with other persons. It is important that it is understood that in this case in particular, the issuer and the recipient is the same person.

How to develop the telepathy

To develop the telepathy can be for some persons slightly very simply while for others it returns in a quite complex activity; when we speak of how developing the telepathy we have to realize first of all that we do not have the limitation of the temporary space, since the brain does not perceive any impediment so that our mind gets in touch with that of another person. One of the more common exercises of telepathy is the one that is carried out by the playing cards Zener, the same ones are provided with 25 letters; the above mentioned telepathy exercise begins with the extraction of these letters, who realized the action possesses 5 possibilities of being right on having thrown the letters, one for every five, skylight is. To learn the phenomenon of the telepathy can be obtained any time we are ready to do it and are constant in practice of the exercises; to learn telepathy allows us to receive the thoughts of different persons who are far from us and to use them in beneficial form without causing any damage.

telepathy - imageBut to know how to develop the telepathy it has to to be known first of all what it is named “a Small farm Manipura, this small farm is placed ariba of the bellybutton and is related to the telepathy of the solar plexus. To give beginning to the telepathy exercises, the experts recommend to find a comfortable armchair, to relax us deeply and to imagine our radiations, all of them in the solar plexus. To learn telepathy needs of many concentration and of that the connection that exists between body and mind is very narrow; when we come to the maximum preparation state, we will go on to the second telepathy exercise: the vocalización of the U.

Other one of the forms that indicates us how to develop the telepathy is that that includes an exercise of telepathy which protagonists are a drawing or sketch, the issuer and the recipient. For this experience simple geometric figures can be used and also not very complex objects as plates or drawn glasses. So that the interested party could learn telepathy the possible best thing will have to copy the drawing that the issuer is drinking to him. As the efficiency increases the current drawings can be replaced by more complex some.

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