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Throw of the gypsy tarot

The gypsy tarot is the practice of prediction of the future most used in the world, and this is due to the fact that together with the Egyptian tarot one of the most ancient turns out to be; it consists of games of 78 letters that there divide in the groups of arcane major and arcane minors, where the biggest arcane ones will have a major relevancy in the predictions during the letters throw, while the minors, simply were helping to complete the ideas of the above mentioned predictions.

The name of “gypsy tarot” was derived because they are the gypsy women who more use it but the reality is that the origin of the same one comes from Italy, and he believes it was created in the XVth century. tarot - gitano-cartasFormerly the letters corresponding to the gypsy tarot, were recorded industrially to color by a method named Xylography, where the images were stamped from several molds done with wood, and they were fixed specifically in the XIXth century, where they begun to be reproduced in mass up to coming to our epoch. It is important that we emphasize one of the principal characteristics from this tarot game: each of the letters used in the mallet are related between themselves. This is due to the fact that the playing cards contain a species of codes that allow that to be related easily, any time one can interpret correctly these letters, and this way, the tarotista (the person who realizes the letters throw) can interpret and argue what the gypsy tarot wants to communicate to the consultant.

Interpretation of the gypsy tarot

The codes of the gypsy tarot can be defined as rules of interpretation and it is important to have knowledge of the same ones so that the comprehension of what the letters communicate is finished. Anyhow, it is important to bear in mind that the letters will be always directed to the consultant, for what they will be tied straight to his unconscious one, and with regard to the rules of interpretation, we can mention the following ones: The rule of the looks, which refers to those looks that possess the figures of the gypsy tarot, and in this case the same ones are designed in specific ways; for example, according to the interpretation that is given them in the gypsy tarot, if one of the figures is looking at the left, then it will refer to the past of the consultant, in case the look goes towards the right, it will be indicating the future, and logically those that look at the front are referring to the present of the consultant. On the other hand, if two drawings look between themselves, then the letters are raising a relation, if they give themselves the back this can indicate some alienation species.

tarot - gitano-gitanaThe second one is the rule of the repetition where the symbols repeat two times during the letters throw, for example, the gypsy tarot she can present two lions (letters 11 and 21), two pregnant women (letters number 3 and 17), two blue dogs (they are usually the madman and the moon) or two pairs of earthen jugs with water (the letters are 14 and 17). The reality is that every symbol stretches to turn out to be repeated in every place although always with some difference, allowing the reading of gypsy tarot to find the sense adapted to the raised question, since some change of a symbol always happens to the following one.

The third rule of interpretation of the gypsy tarot is that of 3+1, this rule implies that inside a set of 4 elements, there are three that are equal, and one that is different; to quote an example and that you could understand better how this rule of interpretation one handles we have 3 groups of playing cards, 4 sticks in the arcane minors, of you strain 3 they will be numbered and one (generally the stick of the oros) will be without being numbered. Four horses are another example: 3 blue ones and white one. The numerology also is very important at the time of interpreting the letters thrown during a meeting of gypsy tarot since the position of the numbers has a sense of evolution that it will be possible to see applied in the rule of repetition. This way, whenever some symbol recurs, we will think that the numerical order of the playing cards is indicating us an advance. An example that we can quote is that the stars of the Car are rather small while in the letter number 17 they are much bigger; the lion of the force for his part is wild, while the lion of the world is meek. To pay attention to the position of the numbers during a reading of gypsy tarot we are going to allow to know if the topic that is appearing is really in evolution or is suffering a regression, and this will always depend on the order of I number, if these are advancing or decreasing.

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