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Cards of Egyptian tarot

The Egyptian tarot is provided with 78 letters of which 22 are the biggest arcane ones and 56 the minors. Bearing in mind that the tarot is of Egyptian origin, the majority belongs to the masos they are very similar to this one, but the difference is that the Egyptian tarot possesses some changes in the drawings and the names.

The motives that possess the 22 biggest playing cards of the Egyptian tarot keep a sacred knowledge about the Egyptian agricultural religion from the pre-Christian epoch and the different personages taken shape of the letters represent the deities of the polytheistic pantheon; also, the students in the matter, make sure that the word “Tarot“ comes from the combination and corruption of the pronunciation of the deities Ptah and Thot, and this is one of the reasons for which he believes that the tarot is a native of Egypt. With regard to the playing cards we can say that at the beginning of the Egyptian epoch, the biggest arcane ones remembered to the sacred peregrination that it been done usually traveling across the Nile.

The Egyptian tarot stands out for having one of the most beautiful designs in his playing cards, and to the others it is the tarot that more mystical it shuts up, bearing in mind all the beliefs of this people, on the other hand, there exists a hypothesis that he assures that 22 letters of the major arcane ones not only were done in representation to the protective gods, but also there are a metaphorical representation of 22 holidays that were indicated in the astronomical calendar, when it happened some stellar situation is already to the evening or at the dawn,tarot - egipcio-cartas that it was usually related to some harmful or charitable phenomenon for the agricultural phases, the health or the navigation.

The association that was done in the ancient Egypt between phenomena and constellations was basically a law, which it was facilitating to them to have at least an idea of how the climate would be in certain epoch, since every change was relating with of finished constellations of the morning sky or of the twilight sky. Bearing this in mind, we can say that each of the protagonists of the biggest arcane ones of the Egyptian tarot symbolize the beliefs that the people of the ancient Egypt usually had in this aspect, since the playing cards represent: different constellations; the deities adored by the religion mistérica agricultural; the constellations it is determined stellar situations; the advertisers of the phenomena that were coinciding with the stellar situations; and as well we said previously, the biggest arcane ones of the Egyptian tarot reflect the rites that were celebrated in each of 22 holidays.

Egyptian tarot and his psychological approach

Since we already know the tarot it is inspired in the sacred Thot book, and bearing in mind the knowledge contained with regard to taking a full life during our step in the ground and also to prepare us after the death, we can say that the Egyptian tarot used with a psychological approach, it can serve to us as guide to solve several of our problems. It can help us to understand and to handle situations as the worries that torment us every day. An important point of bearing in mind is that the faith that is had in the Egyptian tarot will result from big importance at the time of realizing a consultation since while confidence is had in, the result will be much more positive, therefore the mental energy of each one plays a fundamental roll in every consultation.

tarot - egipcio-mujerIt is important always to think about positive and to have confidence in the help that is capable of offering the Egyptian tarot since this way it will teach us to clarify or modify those desperation circumstances and in the most difficult moments through that they have us to live. It is very common many of the values that we take inside go out on the outside when a consultation is realized to the Egyptian tarot and the base of the above mentioned values explain themselves with the simbología that each of the letters contains.

For his part the 22 biggest arcane ones shape most of the throw of Egyptian tarot while the arcane minors help to clarify the idea of what they are trying to say to us, what implies that they give us a vision much wider than it will help us in the raised problem. The simbología that expresses each of these letters is moved by the flow of energy of the person consultant for it is that the Egyptian tarot always goes out to re-show with a lot of facility the past, present and future of the above mentioned person, combining all the elements necessary to be able to help her to live through his life of a best possible way.

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