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Tarot of the angels: divine help

Since well we have explained in our place, there are great the types of tarot with which we can be provided, but undoubtedly, which more is recommended whenever it goes to resort to the cartomancy is the tarot of the Angels, since across the same one we can consult about topics related to the money, the health, the love or any other type of worry that we have.

At the same time, the tarot of the angels can help us to clear very much not only our doubts but also to solve our problems since one believes that at the moment when one begins using the tarot of the angels, we bring in live contact with them, but it is important to bear in mind that whenever the letters of the angels throw themselves it is necessary to create a propitious ambience in which it is agreeable and comfortable; some recommendations are, to light incense or aromatic smokes, sails or to pray like part of the ritual.

We must have much in clear that the angels are spiritual beings, guides and advisers of light who in addition to being able, want to help us to facilitate our step along the life, and with the alone fact of calling them, any of us can receive his help. Now then, if we speak about the tarot of the angels, we must say that the reading of the same one is one of the best forms of resorting to this help, and especially it turns out to be ideal so that we could contact our guardian angel. tarot - angeles-tarot

According to the belief, the angels live in places where they are surrounded with love and peace and especially harmony, and precisely this is the reason for which, at the time of already invoking them it is by means of the tarot of the angels or by means of any other method, the ambience must be alike in that they are already used. On the other hand, the tarot of the angels consists of 72 letters which are numbered from 0 up to 72, and the drawings of the same ones, logically they have to do with different angelical figures. Now then, we must bear in mind that when we always use the tarot of the angels direct questions must be realized and especially very clear and specific with regard to the problem or the situation for which we are crossing and want to consult. There will be always obtained a better reading of the tarot of the angels if we are in finished concentration in the question.

How is the tarot of the angels used?

If it is the first time that we are going to use the tarot of the angels, or, our experience with the very scarce es, then we must bear in mind that there exist certain steps that must be fulfilled before using it; first of all the relaxation and the concentration is the most important thing. We must close the eyes and breathe deeply, the relaxing music is usually of great help in these cases, although another option is to dedicate some minutes of meditation before beginning with the reading of the tarot. As soon as there was achieved the concentration that is needed, it is necessary to take the card of the tarot of the angels and in case the same one is new, it is important that we touch each of the letters; this is due to the fact that the same debit is fundamental that the letters have our impregnated energy, this to be done in case foreign letters are used.

tarot - angeles-imagenAfter energetizar the letters, we must contact our angel and while we try this, it is important that we mix and shuffle the letters, it is important to bear in mind that with the time we will go realizing which it is the angel with which more affinity we have to work. When we feel that we are in contact with our angel, then we will have to begin realizing the pertinent questions, but the question must be realized while we keep on shuffling the letters.

Now then, once done this we must go placing the letters in the order that we feel that they must be: the first letter from the left will allude to the recent past; the letter that follows him is the situation in which we are in the present and the feelings and sensations that we have on having been cross for her. The third letter that is placed will show us our future and she will be the manager of giving us the message that we must take as an advice to manage to carry the situation for which we are consulting to the tarot of the angels. The context of the letters is very important to be able to understand that they are saying the angels to us since each of the letters has its own history and we will see as they are getting connected in the past, present and future, now well, according to the meaning of every letter the answer will be much more detailed. The position in which the Tarot cards of the angels are also is fundamental for a good interpretation, and it is important that we know that any letter that appears of head is indicating us some blockade. In these cases we must ask them to the angels to help us to solve these blockades. Finally while we are shuffling the Tarot cards of the angels there can happen the case of that some of them jumps. In this case we must look at it with attention since generally it is a question of a direct message for us on behalf of the angels.

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