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Protection lucky charms

The lucky charms are objects used in several rituals, especially in most of the existing magic rituals, the same ones do not represent a proper expression of the magic, since finally the lucky charms are objects which functionality is in the symbolism or meaning that has been assigned to him, be already this one due to the form, the images, letters, numbers carved in or the material for which they are made.

It is necessary that we understand that the lucky charms do not act straight in the matter modifying part of his effects, but they work like a protective overcoat for the person who uses it or wears it; this means any type of situation in which we are it is not going to change as this way it is we who will not change either, but what the lucky charms do is to intervene in the situation. This is one of the reasons for which, the persons who usually use all kinds of lucky charms, recommend that, before using one or, to make it, the best thing is always to predetermine so that it will be used.

The meaning of the word lucky charm comes from the Arab Tilsman who means “Sacred image”, but according to the ocultistas, the lucky charms begun to be used in the ancient Greece which denomination was Thelm a word used to express will. On the other hand it is common that when we think about the lucky charms it assaults us the doubt that raises if the lucky charms are the same as the amulets, and the truth is that both have gone of the hand during the whole history like twin brothers, of whom, information is not had about which was the first one that arose. lucky charms - lucksA very interesting point is that the people usually make their own lucky charms as his beliefs and his religious ideology, especially if one treats as lucky charms that used in different magic rituals.

Since well we have said in some previous articles about our place, it is always better that all the objects that are used in the magic are loaded by the energy of the person who will carry out the rituals, this way not only one manages to have a better effect of the same ones, but in turn, it facilitates the control of the situation. On the other hand, the magic is not the only motive for which the persons use these objects since, in spite of being more a commercial attraction that a symbolism, the lucky charm of the luck is one of most used in most cases together with the wealth lucky charm, and in the first case we can attribute this at the level of superstition so highly that usually exists in the societies and communities about the world, while in the second one, it is possible to be said that it usually have a very big tendency to invoke the tenancy of material goods with different magic objects, something that is not completely correct since as we know, to obtain this type of benefits we must work hard to deserve it, at least this way it is raised by the law of the white magic.

Types of lucky charms

lucky charms - typesSince we have said, there exist many types of lucky charms that fit to the different beliefs that the persons possess, for example there is the case of the Tibetan lucky charm to which the power of the protection assumes to him, the good health and generally to use this type of lucky charms usually reminds to a person the truth that it is inside his, according to the Tibetan philosophy. On the other hand, other of the lucky charms most known inside the esoterism, occultism and the religions there is Salomon's lucky charm, which is said, it attracts the happiness and the happiness to anyone that uses it; this lucky charm is considered to be one of the lucky charms of luck more powerful that they exist.

The lucky charm saladino is one of the most powerful magic objects since bearing in mind that it comes from one of the historical warriors of the humanity, he believes that the symbolism of the lucky charm is trick with his knowledge, intelligence and skills. Finally, the cabalistic lucky charm is used usually by the wizards and the witches as a symbol of protection from the evil, so much to use them while they realize his charm, as to have them with itself the whole day.

In this case the symbols and types of lucky charms are usually very varied, and in general they are applied in different circumstances since although all of them share the target of protection from the dark forces of the evil, some of them were done to banish specific demons, for it it is good to determine which will be the practice to be carried out, before obtaining some of these lucky charms.

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