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History of the lucky charm saladino

Saladino was a warrior known for having been the defender of the Islam and he unified the politics and the religion in the Middle East, fighting against the Christianity and finishing the doctrines that have not anything in common with the official cult represented by the Caliphate Abasi.

This warrior is basically he is a hero of Egypt and such it is so this country adopted like national shield, the symbol carved in the lucky charm of Saladino, a medallion that was always going with it in each of the battles that it was freeing. Saladino had hung on his neck a lucky charm with the size of a golden eagle (acquaintance in Egypt like “Eagle of Saladino”) that was symbolizing the dignity, the force and the freedom because the imperial eagle is considered to be the owner of all the birds.

But to study in depth a little more the symbolism of the lucky charm saladino we must say that this one represents the warlike force, the bird of prey on his victim and that's why the virtues of the combat that possesses this bird turn out to be reflected, not only in lucky charm saladino, but also in most of the coat of arms and national emblems of several countries.

lucky charm - saladino-aguilaOn the other hand, the lucky charm saladino symbolizes one the good augury and the victory on the dark potency, and precisely for this reason, as the time was happening, the lucky charm saladino turned into a magic amulet of protection from the dark spirits, since the eagle is a predrawer of snakes and dragons, as we can see, the golden eagle as war symbol is it joins excellent election, and all these qualities are the reasons for which he believes that the warrior was always taking with it his lucky charm. Although the eagle was the most representative symbol in the saladino amulet, the warrior also was using a sword, which at present, the immortality of the same one represents. It is common to see in Egypt many persons with some type of medallion hanging by the neck in which of logra to discern the saladino sword, for it we can say that the sword of the warrior is also an important symbol that is used very much like saladino lucky charm.

The presence of the lucky charm saladino in the rituals

Although the saladino history is very ancient and does not have the resonance that it should have, for many persons the warrior not only symbolizes a hero, but also, it represents one of the more important personages of religious cult in Egypt and a half faces. For this reason the fact is that it is very common to see the saladino lucky charm in most of the rituals corresponding to the religions that are used by these areas, as also it is very common to see pictures, paintings and up to sculptures carved with the symbols that they represent to the lucky charm saladino. Although in the previous paragraph we tell that this lucky charm was representing all the qualities of the imperial eagle, we must say that at present his meaning is not related too much that of the antiquity. Presently to carry the lucky charm saladino implies being protected from all the evil that watch us every day, how illnesses, accidents and it even works like protector against those persons whose intentions are not good at all.

lucky charm - saladino-talismanesOn the other hand, the lucky charm saladino also is used in the magic since it possesses different magic properties that can turn out to be beneficial for the sorcerer or the witch who is carrying out them. In the religion Wicca for example, the lucky charm saladino is used for the protection charm for third, and also it is common that during some magic ritual, which purpose is to develop the internal force of each one, the lucky charm saladino is present, since as we know, the same one possesses a big energy irradiation of internal and external fortitude.

Finally we mean that the lucky charm saladino is one of the archaeological objects most wished in the ambience of the archaeology since up to today no excavation managed to meet on him. There are versions that they say that the warrior was buried by his lucky charm hanging by his neck, although many students of the history make sure that the same one got lost during one of the last battles that Saladino freed, be which it is true, most of the archaeological digs of Egypt and a half face they are in search of personal objects that could tell us a little more about the history and the real meaning that it was possessing the lucky charm saladino, since up to alone today there are had hypothesis and theories about the same one.

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