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Lucky charms


History of the lucky charm of Salomón

Salomon's lucky charm possesses the stamp of the king who treats as a star of six peaks (hexagrama) that is more known like “David's star”.

Salomón, son of King David when I take the reins of Jerusalem turned it in the city of the justice and the peace. It counts the history that was characterizing king Salomón for his knowledge and knowledge, as well as also for having the aptitude to understand the functioning of the totality of the universe. Now then, the Salomón lucky charm was only a ring that the king received like a gift of the skies and that a carved hexagrama was possessing.

At present it represents one of the symbols most used by the Christianity, the Judaism and the Islam. Salomon's lucky charm has his base in the soil and his apex comes up to the sky, and symbolizes the harmony between the opposite elements. On the other hand, it reflects the cosmic order, the movement of the stars and the flows established between the air and the fire, the sky and the ground, what means that the Salomón lucky charm symbolizes the government for divine grace and the human wisdom. It divides important that has to do with the Salomón stamp the fact is that in the year 1536, the sultan Soliman, gave the order to carry wide works out to carry out the reshaping of the mount of the temple and transformed the church constructed in the mount Zion in a mosque. In the walls that the same one constructed, there could be observed stones decorated with the symbol of Salomon's lucky charm for the purpose of which the same one should serve like protection for the city of Jerusalem.

Salomon's lucky charm and his supposed powers

lucky charm - salomon-imagenThe Salomón lucky charm possesses multiple connotations, especially when it is a question of the star shut up in a circle. In several parts of the world, to the lucky charm of designed Salomon of this form there assumed to him a series of magic and supernatural powers, representing this way one of the symbols and lucky charms more used by wizards, magicians and witches. The Salomón lucky charm collaborates immediately with the Jewish nationality, because for being an abstract element of the figure and for his geometric integrity, it is considered to be a universal symbol. Now then, many people think that the symbol that possesses Salomon's lucky charm this one related to the magic stave star of five tops used in most of the magic rites), but it is important to say that both do not have a relation that connects them since on the one hand the stave is a magic element of much more ancient origin, while the hexagrama represents to the development of the mathematics and the geometry.

lucky charm - salomon-talismanesThe Salomón lucky charm combines the beauty and the force and thanks to the appreciation that the Muslims take as the geometric art, this allows Salomon's lucky charm to express itself like a connection symbol, that is to say, the same one symbolizes the relation between the beauty, the metaphysics and the science, with elements typical of the astronomy, the astrology and the magic. Salomon's lucky charm is a symbol that started by being typical of the Jewish community in Prague, although a time later it begun to be used like a magic object due to the protection powers that were attributed to him.

It is said that the persons who should use the Salomón lucky charm, already it should be for rituals or for them, they are completely protected against the harmful spirits. To Salomon's lucky charm this power assumes to him in particular since one believes that the king had the skill to control the demons by means of his stamp to annul, before to the creation of the lucky charm of Salomón that is known at present. As well we said that this object is confused commonly with the stave, especially when this one is of head. The true thing is that this comparison might not be more wrong, since if we bear in mind both symbolisms of the above mentioned lucky charms, we will realize that one is put up of other.

The head stave represents the demon and the practices of black magic; also it is the emblematic symbol of the satanism in addition to be using in animal and human sacrifices, sexual bacchanals, and all kinds of satanic ritual and of black magic. This is due to the fact that the turned round stave is something like magnet for the negative magic energies, that is to say, for the demons and the malignant spirits, on the other hand the hexagrama that it characterizes to Salomon's lucky charm represents everything opposite; it helps to that the demons of remote mantengan, as this way also, in the rituals that are usually carried out with the target to purify all those ambiences that are loaded.

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