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Lucky charms


Lucky charm of the luck, know his different types

The lucky charm of the luck is inspired in most of the amulets that attracts the good luck. Although many people confuse to the lucky charms with the amulets, we must say that the difference takes root in that the amulets can comprise any type of object or image while the lucky charm they represent much more symbolic objects, like medallions, necklaces and even hoops.

Bearing in mind that a lucky charm of the luck has finally to attract the good luck (since nobody preserves an object so that bad luck strikes the door of his house) they can be used in many areas of the life of the persons; for example, lucky charms of the luck exist to be able to support a good couple relation, to obtain an employment that fits to the tastes of the individual or, to gain more money in which it has already, and in someone cases, they are used to triumph in new emprendimientos, or even in university examinations.

But although the people would like being lucky in each of the aspects of his life, we must say that that one more important is the economic ambience. It is very common to see many people with a lucky charm of the luck to attract the money, be already working or, devoting itself on having roasted. lucky charm - suerte-tiposAnyone is the motive in which the luck is needed, there will always be a lucky charm of the luck available for every person. On the other hand we must stand out the fact that practically each of the cultures of the planet possesses a lucky charm of the luck that characterizes them and the same one reflects his cultural beliefs.

For example, in the ancient Egypt, the most used lucky charm of the luck was a medallion with the image of the eye of Horus carved in his surface; the carved images of cats of the same way in medallions, rings or plates, also it was a lucky charm of the inevitable luck, especially for the Pharaohs and the people of it realizes. In the ancient Rome, to see a lucky charm hanging by the body of a warrior or of some soldier, also was a part of the folklore of the above mentioned culture: a pierced currency was representing a very powerful lucky charm of the luck that the compañaza in each of the battles that had to fight. The Greeks for example, they were using medallions with the images of his respective gods like a lucky charm of the luck and due to the faith that they had in them, these lucky charms were of the most powerful in the history of the mythology. Something similar druid happened with the trisquel, since all the magic symbolisms that they were representing it were doing the most powerful, and inevitable lucky charm of the luck between the Celtic culture.

Lucky charm of the luck in the current culture

lucky charm - suerte-modelosPresently, the lucky charm of the luck does not differ too much from those who were used in the antiquity, since many persons support the customs and traditions of the past civilizations, and for example, in Latin America, it is very common to see some persons with some lucky charm of the luck corresponding to civilizations like the Inca, Aztec or Mayan. The symbols that are used in the current talisman are the same that they represent to the amulets: the toads or frogs, horseshoes, trefoils of four sheets, the elephants and the medallitas with the form of a witch are even most used.

Anyway we must say that the power that should have the lucky charm of the luck is generated from the faith that we have in. A lucky charm of the luck is a magic object, which possesses magic properties, and like everything in the magic, the lucky charm of the luck depends on the faith that we have in. If we believe that to show a medal with the image of an elephant or a trefoil of four sheets will give us luck in all the activities that we tackle, then probably this is like that. On the other hand it is important to stand out the fact that many people begin to use the lucky charm of the luck corresponding to his belief but with some phrase recorded in him; bearing in mind that often, a phrase is much more representative, being the complement of a symbol in a lucky charm of the luck, it is probable that the power the energy irradiation of the same one is much stronger.

But anyhow it is necessary to choose the words carefully since we must bear in mind that each of the letters in alphabet has a different esoteric meaning, and if the same ones are combined mistakenly, the lucky charm of the luck might not work as we wait for it.

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