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Lucky charms


Lucky charm of the wealth, knowledge and knowledge

The lucky charm of the wealth is one of the lucky charms most used at present since the same one tries to attract the material wealth, in addition to the luck, and on the other hand, if we give him a slightly deeper connotation, according to the type of lucky charm of wealth that is used, it can symbolize the wealth in knowledge and knowledge.

This division is due to the fact that in the ancient cultures, especially in the Celt and the Egyptian, the knowledge was much more important than the material goods, but as the time was happening, the man became more and more materialistic and the lucky charm of the wealth that once was used like a symbol typical of the wise persons, nowadays it is used like an ensign to attract money. A lucky charm of the wealth can contain different symbols which energy irradiation works like a mían for the money. Now then, since we have mentioned in several articles about our place, so that an amulet or a lucky charm of the wealth works, it is necessary to believe in his power, since it is a question of a magic element, but nevertheless, we must bear in mind that a lucky charm of the wealth will not attract any type of material good if only we use it and hope that what we wish should appear magically.

lucky charm - riqueza-talismanesThe reality is that the lucky charm of the wealth is a symbol that helps us energéticamente so that it is not difficult to us to cover the material needs in our life, that is to say that if we have a lucky charm of the wealth between our belongings and use it day by day, the same one will influence in aspects of our labor life helping us (energéticamente) to fulfill with taste and taste all the obligations for which we perceive a salary, and especially what does a lucky charm of the wealth is to help us not to lose the material goods that we already have. So that it should be possible to understand better we can say that the same one does not help us to that from one day to other we begin to gain money, but it helps us to that we do not spend unnecessarily the one that we already have.

Anyhow, in the long run, we will begin to notice increases in our profit but that will be due to the fact that the energy of the lucky charm of the wealth impels us to that we work in such a way that we deserve what we gain. On the other hand we must say that there are very much persons' cases that have inherited money or goods, which attribute this to the use of these symbols, and in fact, many of the persons accustom that one to play the lottery or at going to the casino, in addition to having a talisman, usually have hung of his neck some lucky charm of the wealth that fits to those that they believe. Now well if we analyze the latter case it is important that we stand out the fact that often using a lucky charm of the wealth or an amulet for the luck can turn an insane superstition, to such a point that we depend on these objects and on these symbols to pass that we walk in our life. And if we consider the fact that a lucky charm of the wealth depends on the level of belief that we have in him, can be that it works; it is here where us the question arises: Does the lucky charm of the wealth really work or is it a simple superstition? And the only thing that we can say is that precisely the superstition does that the energy moves in such a way that we can go so far as to obtain what we propose to ourselves.

Lucky charm of the wealth: simbología

lucky charm - riqueza-simbolosThe lucky charm of the wealth possesses many symbols of which can stand out the Cornupia that in addition to wealth symbolizes the plenty. His origin is a Greek and the legend tells that as Amaltea fed Zeus with goat milk, this one gave him a horn of the animal since he believed, it had the power to grant him the one who had everything what the person was wishing. The history that counts the Bible about Jesus multiplying breads and fish so that the people had to eat, did the fish it was a plenty symbol. A lucky charm of the wealth which symbol is a fish, will help us to that in our life the material thing like the spiritual and emotional thing abounds so much.

The coins also represent a much used lucky charm of the wealth, especially those of Roman origin that possess a perforation for which it is necessary to spend a drawstring or a chain so that they could be used like a personal object. The coins an object by means of which there are obtained different things that serve to us to live, represent the wealth for the person who possesses it, that itself happens to the being with the tradition of preserving a ticket of American dollar mixed with our money, which although it is not a wealth lucky charm, is a strong symbol of economic plenty and is used very much in the whole world like amulet of the economic luck. Finally, the lucky charm of the wealth with the form or image of a golden sea horse also they represent the attraction of the wealth.

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