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Lucky charms


Simbología of the cabalistic lucky charm

As all the religions and cults, the cabbala also possesses a series of symbols that are used in cabalistic lucky charms due to his different simbologías; for example, a very common cabalistic lucky charm is La Cruz Gamada, although many people believe that the same one has a recent origin; the use of this cross as magic cabalistic lucky charm goes back to the ancient shamans hindúes and in fact it is thought that his use was already very common in the neolithic period where she turns out to be recorded in stones carved by the predecessors of the man. From very ancient times this cross gamada appears in an infinity of temples, constructions of graves and even mausoleums belonging to most of the cultures; at present it is one of the symbols most used in sects and religions like amulet for the good luck.

lucky charm - cabalistico-cruz-gamadaIn Sanskrit language, this cabalistic lucky charm is called like “the provider of the good luck” and even in many ancient Saxon languages one usually said that this symbol was “the wheel of the law” alluding to the law of regularity by means of which the cyclical repetitions of the history are ruled, indicating a clear connection between the cause - effect law. According to what they say some esoteric schools, the cross gamada represents the graphic constitution of the karma and that the situations for which we must cross in the present life, are you are good or bad there are a consequence of the causes and past lives.

This cabalistic lucky charm refers to the idea of evolution and regression by which it is exhibited to cross the human soul determined by actions, experiences and cyclical behaviors in the past. On the other hand, it is important to stand out the fact that there exist two versions of this cabalistic lucky charm; one is the one that we can appreciate in ancient monuments, coats of arms and in many of the bells of the old English churches and especially Irish. Another version, it is named “a feminine swastika” and is the one that is used by a lot of frequency in some rituals of magic and in most of the conjurations druids.

The Tau and the Eye of Horus

The Tau or Tao represents a cabalistic lucky charm as universal symbol and according to some authors, the above mentioned symbol has his origin in the Ank of the ancient Egyptian civilization; this term means “I am”, and it is used specially in the meaning of life. In turn this was the term with which it was named one of the crossed scepters that are visible on the breast, in most of the images of Osiris, and precisely with this one the god was granting the life in addition to governing and Nile directed the floods of the Rio. Later, the Greek philosophers were in charge of adopting and adapting this cabalistic lucky charm and the same one transformed in the Greek letter Tau (from here there comes the name that is used at present), happening then to Rome and to Occident, where I am used like detail or adornment in the clothings typical of the kings and ecclesiastics, like power symbol. The cabalistic lucky charm Tau, it was much used by San Antonio, the famous hermit for his healings; the methodology of this man was based in treating an ulcerous illness of the skin (that then they would put the name of “fire of San Antonio”) precisely with this cabalistic lucky charm.

lucky charm - cabalistico-ojo-horusWith the same intensity of treating the patients, the cabalistic lucky charm tau tao was used by Jewish priests, and precisely for this reason it spread enormously over the whole religion of the cabbala. Anyway, this cabalistic symbol is known by the world like "Cruz de San Antonio".

The Eye of Horus Como cabalistic lucky charm represents the sun, and it is a symbol of the Supreme Intelligence and the knowledge, since his name gives to understand that it is a question of “the Eye of the god that everything sees it”. This cabalistic lucky charm in a beginning, was represented like a circle that was possessing inside his a central point but later, the amulet evolved up to taking the form that it has nowadays, of an open eye being used like a lucky charm that was serving to be protected from the malignant spirits, the demons, the enchantments produced by the black magic, the violent attacks that could be on the part of enemies or, of entities, of treacheries, and especially this was a cabalistic lucky charm much used for the protection of illnesses of all kinds.

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