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The table ouija as the years happen

Up to today it was not possible to have determined if the table ouija is a contact method with further away or a simple commercial trick, moan that in spite of the thousands of testimonies who assure to have lived through experiences of paranormal phenomena during and after the use of the table ouija, none of them could be verified and assumes to the autosuggestion to which the people are usually so vulnerable. The true thing is that real or not, the table ouija is a board that possesses letters of the A up to the Z, numbers of 0 to 9 and the words "if" and "not", and by means of these elements it is where the contact is established with the invoked entity.

It is possible to be said that the first table ouija that existed in the history was a method much used in the ancient Egyptian to contact to the deceased, that there was consisting of one stone ring that was suspended by a thread subject to the one who was informing the ceremony, on a spice of table that also was provided by different symbols. On the other hand, in 540 B.C. Pitágoras created an appliance that was consisting of a board that was possessing wheels and that with his movement, the same one was sending messages that both Pitágoras and his disciples were interpreting and translating. table - ouija-tablerosOther one of the first stage pebbles used by the man was coming from China and one was treating device very similar to the current one, which was used for the purpose of contacting the dead persons and taking his messages to his respective relatives or dear beings. But the table ouija as we know it that today it arose newly at the end of the XIXth century when the French spiritualist Planchette designs what would be the first table ouija official that later would suffer some changes and modifications in his design of the hand of Elijah Bond. In the year 1966, the signature “Parker Brothers“ bought the rights on the table ouija and since then they have been the only manufacturers of the same one, although we must mention that the types of table are great ouija that they exist at present, even, many people usually do their own home-made version.

The table ouija begun to be commercialized like a game of common table where those who were playing were tackling the search of his interior Me giving free rein to all the habitual mesenteries of the subconscious, although as we said previously, in many meetings ouija cases of paranormal phenomena have happened. Anyhow we say that the table ouija is considered to be a dangerous game, which, this way it should be a connection element with further away or not, a very powerful weapon can talk each other for the suggestion.

board - ouija-tableroAnother important factor to be born in mind is that the messages that are usually extracted from the table ouija can be considered to be messages of deceased relatives or of any other guy of entity running the risk that this could derive in really serious psychological problems, for it it is necessary that everything what has to do with the games of the table ouija they are taken by very much respect and not joking as it usually makes the people many. At present, thousands of places exist in Internet that offer new versions and ways of playing with the table ouija, and the game consists of formulating basically different questions and the computer grants some answers at random, but these games not at all have to do with the real end of the table ouija. The original game consists of being placed by a small brad or leader who can go so far as to adopt different forms, and the players must support his fingers on the same one to achieve that it moves, supposedly, for energies canalized across the participants, that they will be answering the formulated questions, as the leader should indicate the letters, numbers, or "if" or "not".

The table ouija and the black magic

It is important to indicate the fact that many sects that practise the black magic, use the table ouija like one instrument of contact dark with entities to realize the respective charm that damage other persons; in many meetings animal sacrifices are even realized and up to human beings, for the purpose of whom the entity appears quickly and should not wait per hours how often it usually happens when the table is used ouija. In this particular case it is very important to take care of the one who accompanies us while we use the table ouija since as we were saying previously, it is very important that during a meeting some psychic or person is present qualified to handle the situations that can appear; if the person who accompanies us has negative intentions, this can go so far as to bring very serious consequences during and after the game.

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