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Types of luck

The luck is one of the most popular and diffuse concepts since it has a very wide meaning. Basically, when we refer to the luck, we are speaking to the coincidence or of the hazard, but specially, the term “luck“ alludes to all those events that are considered to be fortuitous; the luck is quite that that happens or can already happen is for good or for evil.

It is important to bear in mind that a rational vision exists about what it means the luck, and the same one includes the laws of the probability, that in turn, this one is proved based on confirmed causal relations. Also an alternative exists to the rational vision with which the luck is analyzed and is related to the control; the luck happens beyond the control that could have someone on her and bearing in mind this, we can say that this there him join events that turn out to be accidental.

Of the latter point of view three different types of luck get rid: the consistent luck that comprises all those factors that are out of the control of the persons since there turn out to be the capricious result of the committed acts. A very common example to be able to understand this type of luck is to throw a stone in a cliff: because to strike someone who just was walking for below, is something that is out of our control, then it is simply a luck question. On the other hand we have the constitutional luck, which comprises all those factors that are already out of the control of a person because these cannot change: the genetic constitution or the place of birth of someone is a clear example of this type of luck.luck - Irish

Finally, the circumstantial luck is that whose factors cannot be controlled because they are produced in a random way: the accidents or the epidemics are the most common examples. Generally when a person is happening for a stage where the good luck or the bad luck accompanies it, it is said to him that it is crossing a "gust", but when something good happens to a person suddenly, then there is called he to this “a stroke of luck“, but this term logically is applied only in those cases where the events modify in some sense, the life of the person. If the strokes of luck exist or not, it will depend on what each one creates, but the true thing is that we all cross some situation in which the good luck us smiles although it is for a moment. So that it understands what we want to express, we can say that a stroke of luck would be the first award of the lottery is extracted, or, taking it to a more serious end, to be saved from some serious accident. It is all forms important to bear in mind that the blows of good luck obey at random, they represent an unforeseen change as for the relations system and the same ones cannot be anticipated, with the exception of which any oracle is consulted. In fact many people look in the divination methods, the hope that in some moment of his life, the good luck accompanies them, although it is brought from a simple stroke of luck.

The luck and the destination

luck - destinationWe cannot leave aside the fact that the luck contradicts to the destination, and precisely for this reason it is that many persons descreen of his existence. According to the popular belief, we all have a destination to which to continue, and this theory splits into two: many people speak about the destination as if it was a history of our life from the day in which we are born until the day in which we die, and we as such have to interpret it in this world. On having been something that is already written, there is no type of event that could be changed.

And in case we find out what the destination has us prepared and it is bad, if we try to change it, it is supposed that the consequences are truly serious. On the other hand there are those who say that every person can do her own destination, by means of the election of the way along which the life one will go along. Bearing in mind the first point of view about the destination, we can understand that the luck concept does not fit there; this is due to the fact that as we have explained, the luck means something that arises by chance, slightly unexpectedly and unforeseeably, but if the destination is already written, of that time everything those that pass, the good thing and the bad thing, will spend not by chance but because it must happen that way (from here the phrase is born “the coincidences do not exist, but the causalities”).

But in the second point of view we can say that because the destination is something that we construct ourselves, the good luck or the bad luck can accompany us according to the events for which we happen. Anyhow, those persons who believe in the destination, do not accept the concept of the luck.

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