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The real meaning of the runes

Since well we have said repeated times, the meaning of the runes is always to the same one independently of the small differences that we can indicate inside the types of runes. Next we offer him the names and the meaning of the runes so that a lot of more easy comprehension is this oracle.

Fehu: this rune represents the cattle, it is a sustenance of every person and his possessions. Generally it usually collaborates also with the corresponded love and the spiritual wealth

Uruz: uruz it means “wild bull” and the action represents the courage and the house force presents itself. Inside the meaning of the runes, this one herself represents the life of the warrior and the transit to the life of an adult.

Thurisaz: this rune is the rune of the God Thor and basically this rune alludes to that the principal enemies of the human beings are their own fears; it symbolizes the wounds that the clash provokes to us with us, and in most of the throws it indicates that it is a time to take the reins of our own life.

Anzus: this rune is translated in the meaning of the runes like God. It represents the inspiration, and in turn this very related to the magic.

Raidho: this rune represents the search of the balance and the union between the sky and the ground. Generally it collaborates with the Forseti, the most wise between the gods of the Asgrad.

Kaunaz or Kano: in the meaning of the runes, this is the equivalent one to the symbol of the fire. This rune is that of clarity, the energy, the light and the passion and it is related usually to the knowledge.

meaning - runas-mujerGefu or Gyfu: this rune collaborates with the union and represents a gift or a gift. The same one alludes to the sacrifice that one does for one himself and symbolizes Odin hung by the tree during nine days.

Wunjo: it symbolizes the happiness. Bearing in mind the meaning of the runes, this one herself reminds to us that in the life not everything is a suffering, and represents the symbol that he invites us to enjoy the pleasures.

Do them: this rune is one of the most powerful since it represents the power of the nature, and to the uncontrollable elementary power.

Nauthiz: it means “need“. This is the rune that it teaches us that often it is needed to happen in difficult moments in the life so that we could learn of her. In the meaning of the runes, it teaches us that both the obstacles and the defeats are the real teachers of the life.

Isa or Whores: isa represents to the winter of the spiritual life, the passivity and the sacrifice. Basically when in a throw it should salt for us this rune, the same one he wants to say to us that we need to liberate ourselves of the past realizing some personal sacrifice.

Jera: this rune represents the symbol of the harvest, we are motivated that we operate and keep on fighting to manage to reach our targets. The symbolism in this this rune in which absolutely quite it needs of a maturation period so that it comes to his moment to yield fruits.

Eihwaz: in the meaning of the runes Eihwaz it symbolizes the flexibility that we need to adapt ourselves to the different situations of the life, being able to be useful to the maximum, the positive side of each of the circumstances that we face.

Perth: it symbolizes the secrets, all that that is secret. It is one of the most mysterious runes that refers to everything what is out of our control. Inside the meaning of the runes, this one collaborates with the goddess Hulda and with Spoiling, the source for which Odin sacrificed one of his eyes to be able to drink from his water of the knowledge.

Algiz: this rune is the rune of the protection. The same one announces new challenges and opportunities to us reminding to us that our biggest enemy is our fear. At the same time there represents the humanity of every person and his symbiosis with the divinity.

Sowelu: this rune represents to the energy of the sun, the way of the self-fulfillment and the totality of the human being. It is the rune of of the power and the regeneration, and of the divine spark that each of us takes in his interior.

Tyr: it is the rune of the justice and the revenge but covered with the balance that is needed. It is the rune that it was always indicating us that opposite to any circumstance we must use first the intelligence.

Berkana: in the meaning of the runes, Berkana alludes to the fertility, the creative feminine force, to the growth and to the renascence.

Ehwaz: it is the rune of the progresses, which transports us in our trip of ripeness and spiritual growth. Nevertheless this rune does not represent the conquest of struggle as many persons they believe, simply it represents the exploration and the contemplation.

meaning - runas-runasMannaz: this rune helps us to remember the search of the knowledge of the god Odin. It does not indicate that the only way of growing and of developing in the spiritual field is knowing who we are in fact.

Laguz: in the meaning of the runes laguz it represents to the fertility and the new life, and at the same time it alludes to the creative forces that are secret in the nature of our own being.

Ingwaz: he announces to us the conclusion and ending of a stage and the beginning of something new that of course will bring to us happiness.

Othila: in the meaning of the runes it is the one that alludes to all that that we receive like legacy of our ancestors, but also it indicates to us that often we need to get rid of ancient schemes. Othila also is the ruin that was indicating us what we must do to obtain our freedom of being who we are.

Dagaz: it represents the light, the advance and the hope. Generally it represents the way towards our targets without any type of obstacle. It is one of the revealing runes inside the oracle and the meaning of the runes.

Rune of Odin: being the most important as for the meaning of the runes, the Odin rune represents it nothing, the beginning and the end; the renaissance and the transformation. It means everything what we have been, what we are and what we will be in the future exploiting to the maximum everything our potential.

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