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Scientología: Religion or organization?

The best well-known scientologia since cienciologia is a system composed by educations and beliefs that was proposed originally like a lay philosophy in the year 1952, and one year later it turned into a philosophy of applied religion.

The scientologia turns out to be represented by the church of the cineciología, since the same one to supported in defense the practice of all his skills by means of a legislation very similar to that of “copyright“ and commercial secrets and precisely for this reason, for many persons the scientología is only a commercial organization. From the decade of ’80 the church that defends the cientologia has led diverse judicial fights that the church itself initiated against all those organizations and individuals who denounce them, and based on this, there has generated a criticism that he says that the scientologia nothing has to do with a religion. Now then, the recognition of the scientologia like religion changes according to the countries where it is practised, but in countries like Australia, Venezuela, Sweden, and the United States is considered to be a new form of faith.

scientologia-iconsIf I impede, in France for example, the cientologia is considered to be a sect and the same point of view is shared by many other countries and organizations of the world, for this reason the fact is that it is difficult to the scientologia to advance so much like religion, in fact to be able to change this, the church of the cienciologia has invested innumerable quantities of time and money in public relations campaigns to proclaim in the world that simply it is a question of a religion as the Christianity or the Judaism.

Also there have realized diverse studies on the part of the same members of this auto-called religion, with the emulation to demonstrate that the scientologia expires with all the requisites so that most of the critics are considered to be a religion, but, they usually push the above mentioned studies back since they do not consider them to be impartial and believe that they have been realized by the only purpose to convince the people of what they really want that they believe. The only resource that the scientologia possesses is the fiscal exemption that was granted for her Doing Public of the United States in the year 1993, like proof that really it is a question of a religion. Bearing in mind the beliefs on which the scientologia is based, for many persons it is very difficult, not only to take this organization as a religion, but it is difficult to take it seriously. Also, his increasing popularity explosion between several stars of Hollywood takes many more credibility from him, for it, for the organization it is a difficult autoproclamarse like religion.

Origin, beliefs and customs of the scientología

The scientologia was checked immediately after the Dialética that it is a question of a skills system for the self-help that was proposed in the year 1950, and in the year 1951, one year later, Ron Hubbard relegated the dianetica to a study regarding the cientologia. Now then, it is important to emphasize that the difference between the Dialetica and the Scientologia is that in the first case it is a question of a rather secular doctrine and it concentrates on the life of the individual treating physical problems and physiological while the scientologia adopts a much more spiritual concept where one of the strongest beliefs of the religion is the existence of the past lives. The cientologia describes his activities as a progress in the practicality and use of the beginning of the life, but the central beliefs that the scientologia possesses are based that every individual is a spiritual and immortal being, a "Thetan", and that it possesses a body and a mind.

scientologia-womanFor the cienciologia, all the persons are good and that the life must take a way of learning, education, knowledge and spiritual progress this way to be able to reach the definitive salvation, and precisely the scientologia offers the different ways of managing to take a life with these characteristics. On the other hand the cientologia supports that what they want is to educate the people so that a world exists without wars not crimes, where the decent people could reach his goals.

On the other hand we must emphasize that in the religion of the scientologia also hierarchies exist, the same way as a person is advancing inside this organization, demonstrating his finished delivery and subjection different details are revealed to the same one about the corresponding beliefs, and these hierarchy levels are named “levels OT”. In the most advanced, devela the existence of the Xenu, and precisely this is the point where the people usually attack the beliefs of the scientologia, since according to the religious scientólogos, a Xenu is something like emperor extraarea that was who created the human beings, but it created them like fistfuls of extraterrestrial souls that are together inside foreign bodies. Each of these souls receives the name of “Body Thetans“.

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