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What is the satanism?

When they ask us: "What is the satanism?" we say that it is a modern religion where Satan is considered to be a God and adored by his rebelliousness and his image like the symbol of the absolute reality and of the pride.

The first church satanista was founded in año1980 by reverend Robert Stills and it was baptized by the name of “Order of the Receptacle and Temple of Shaitán”. In the year 1996 and before dying of cancer, Stills named like his successor in the church Fredrik Nagash who today is a supreme priest of the American generation. They say who know that all those faithful of the satanism must possess minimal knowledge about black magic, cabbala, satanic magic, necromancy and inscrutability since most of the rituals that are carried out in this religion, are done using all the practices ocultistas mentioned.

As say several persons who investigate to the satanism, there are more than 3.000 persons for church in every place of the world where the faithful of this religion exist, anyway the exact number of the quantity of the faithful is very difficult to determine since this type of cult is usually of the most secret. satanism - templateAnswering the question: "What is the satanism?" we say that this one splits into different parts since they prefer not to concentrate on a numerous group of persons, that, although the movement would have many other force, for the satanistas it is not suitable to be exhibited too much in the society since most of the practices that are realized are illegal.

The groups of satanism are named “sects“ and this is due to the fact that it is a question precisely of very closed groups, and these sects possess three classifications; first of all the sect of the satanism is luciferiano, where there is had the conviction that the fallen angel has been unjustly treated and they place it at the same level as the myth of prometeo, and also, contradicting to the Christian belief, for the satanism sects luciferiano, the angel represents to the knowledge and to the knowledge. Usually, the faithful to this branch of the satanism think about how to be able principally and money and are characterized for being elitist, racist and esclavistas although it is important that we emphasize that exceptions exist in each of the cases.

satanism - altarSecondly there is the sect of satanism that is named “Friends of Lucifer" and there is characterized for one of the most dangerous groups inside the satanism. One usually involves the followers in cases of sequestrations, murders and even abuses and the biggest concentration of these faithful is placed in the United States. On the other hand, it is said that to belong to this sect satanista it is necessary to expire with such certain requisites like the sexual exhibition, necrophilia, necrofagia and to drink blood because these actions represent a vote of loyalty to the God. On the other hand in the rituals of this branch of the religion it is common that they are practised, human sacrifices and there even have existed many cases in which the gift to his God they were children or you even drink.

In the third place there are the satanic sects, where the members are characterized for feeling a certain rejection towards the institutions established by the society that of course in some moment of his lives alienated them, and become attached to the sects of the satanismos because in the same ones they feel accompanied, supported and frequently they even adopt his partners almost as if it was his family. Anyhow it costs to clarify that in this case, they lack religious beliefs as pronounced as others two groups, and the vision that they possess with regard to the satanism is much more anarchic than believing. In the rituals that they usually realize there is very common the use of drugs, alcohol and orgiastic practices.

The satanism, the witchcraft and the rock

Two of the elements most related to the satanism is the witchcraft and the musician Rock, specially the heavy metal. In the latter case we must say that the relation that exists between Rock and satanism owes to itself those artists who have managed to attract attention due to his esthetics and interpretation of the music. Rock and satanism began to be a synonymous one immediately after the quantity of histories that were involving the musicians with doctrines typical of the satanism, cumin for example, the history of the singer of blues robert Jonson of whom it is said that it did an agreement with the devil who was implying that the sea the best singer of blues in exchange for his soul.

Elvis Presley and Jerry Lewis for his part were chased by different sectors of the Catholicism based on the sexual content in his music and in his dances, which was committing an outrage against the Christian traditional morality. With regard to the witchcraft we must say that to the being a practice of pagan origin, immediately it is related to the satanism; now well we can say that the witchcraft and the satanism can relate cuado the first one it is a tool to realize some evil, but if we speak about witchcraft or white magic, it is important to stand out the fact that the same one has not anything in common with the beliefs that talk each other inside the satanism, here the relation "witchcraft and satanism" would stay to the margin.

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