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Santero synonymous of knowledge

The santeros are more known like the people Yoruba, who initiated the religion that today is known as the santería.

How well we know, the santero believes in the existence and connection with god across the elements of the nature, and a detail that turns out to be important to stand out is that the santero has a series of orders to be fulfilled, as the Catholicism. The above mentioned orders are much respected by the santero since they take it as a god order and also, there is the belief that while they are fulfilled by these orders, the santero will be able to enjoy a long life and prospers. Between these divine laws we can name: not to speak what is not known; not to practise rituals that are not known; not to take the persons for false ways; not to cheat; not to act like a wise person when in fact anything is known; to be humble without importing the circumstance of the life.

Other laws include non-being false; to support all the sacred instruments in order and always ready to use; to respect those that are weaker than notros; not to betray those who offer to us his hand; to respect the moral laws; to respect to the hierarchies and to the biggest; not to reveal the secrets that tell us like confidence act. santero-santeroThese orders represent the absolute law of the santero and one believes that the consequences for not expiring with any of them are truly serious since the punishments are provided by the same God. Many persons suppose that as the santero is devout of a tribal religion, the profile that characterizes it is of equal way primitively and gross, but the true thing is that the santero keeps many knowledge if the same.

Now then, it is true that in some cases, many tribes have deformed the religion of the santería and the typical santero is usually very coarse and tribal, but it is important that it is born in mind that in this case it is not a question of the original santería, but rather of a miscellany of religious beliefs that combine the voodoo, with the shamanism, the umbanda and the santería. But if we bear in mind the orders of the santería and the rigorous way in which the same ones are fulfilled on the part of the santero, we can realize that in fact it is a question of persons perfectly civilized and not of “savages“ as many people consider them.

Common practices of the santero

The santero has rituals and practices as the rest of the religious belonging ones to other creeds. Between these activities we can mention the divination, which generally a santero the ride to end when he feels that it is being affected by some evil or, for some good spirit, but to carry out his divination method, the santero usually uses a chain with medallions that is thrown against a table, and the medallions will read themselves as in the order in which they fall down, the "ikin" also is one of the methods most used by the santero and here approximately 16 coconuts are used to carry out the practice. The sacrifices are an important part of the rituals that a santero realizes, since the God and the saints whom they adore, need of these sacrifices to be able to continue with his life.

santero-photosOften there are used grasses, fruits, meal, and different gifts, but also animal sacrifices are realized. Now then, also there exist different types of sacrifices of animals, and generally the santeros carry out them to clean some produced evil, or a curse, to realize the beginning ceremony in the order of the santería or, so that some saint offers his help in exchange for the above mentioned sacrifice. Now then, to manage to enter the religion of santería and that assumes the santero title to him, what a person must do is to happen for a ceremony named “seat“, in which, a santero and a saint forms a narrow tie between.

And some time that is persons received his seat, then he will be able to acquire the santero nickname, in addition to realizing all the practices corresponding to the religion, as well we said, continued to this it is necessary to realize an animal sacrifice, which generally treats as one to murder a rooster and to spill his blood in a chalice luck it to be offered to the saint who dedicated the santero. Probably this is one of the reasons for which the santero is so condemned on having carried out his practices, but it is important that it is born in mind that it is not obligatory to realize the animal sacrifices, de facto, many santeros him prefer to grant gifts to the gods exactly to avoid to damage a living being.

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