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What is the santería?

The santeria constitutes to one of the most important religions inside the world ocultista and has his origins in the African tribe Yoruba, through which they live in the area that today we know as Nigeria along and wide of the river Níger.

For the long time the santería was a very powerful religion and possessor of a complex structure who was organizing herself in a series of kingdoms of which, the principal one and more important the kingdom of Benin was; the same one lasted about 12 century and finished in the year 1896. At the end of the XVIIIth century, the tribe Yoruba faced in a war his neighbors and also between them and this internal war derived in the fall and the later esclavización of the tribe, so much so in the year 1820 95 % of the tribe was slaves sent from Benin to countries as Cuba and Brazil to be employed at the sugar plantations.

The Yoruba they were re-baptized quickly with the name Lucumi, and these in his efforts to conceal his African religion and his magic practices, the tribe they began to identify to all his African deities with the saints corresponding to the catholic religion, it is by it that this way is melted the religious syncretism that today is known like the santeria. santeria-religionAll the faithful of the santeria believe and adore to a central force called Olodumare; from this force there comes all that that exists, and returns to him, expressing itself likewise in the world created by means of Ashe. It represents the last one to the blood of the cosmic life, that is to say, it represents to the Olodumare power towards the justice, the force and the life.

The santería is a divine current that uses many channels that can be of major or less energy receptivity. Basically, Ashe is the prop that supports the absolute base of the reality. Those who practise the santería believe that the life of every individual is determined long before the same one is born the Ileo-Olofi, which it represents to the God's house in the sky; all those persons who do not expire with his I designate they will be punished by the orishas (saints) and to keep on reincarnating until the punishment is fulfilled. Although the Catholics venerate the saints understanding that the same ones are human beings who had a heroic life dedicated to his faith and died for her, rising up to the skies where they interyield in earthly questions due to his participation in Christ's glory. For his part the santero takes to the figure of the most popular saints inside the Catholicism but for him, same them they do not represent the saints but they happen to take a divine hierarchy. These gods were created by the santeria for the purpose of showing his will and the extract in the creation and in turn, there are a personification of the Ashe; for his part the African deities of the santería also are protectors of the tribe.

Traditions, rites and customs of the santeria

santeria-photosAs any religion, the santería has his rites and works, which many can become slightly controversial, but we must say that the African religions have basically the same beliefs, for it we must not be astonished if we find similarities between the santería and the Voodoo. Some santeria works involve sacrifices since one believes that the gods need of the blood that they do not possess for being gods, to continue with his existence. Simultaneously, different types of grasses also are used in combination with the blood of the sacrifice, and it is important to emphasize that every God possesses grasses and favorite animals, therefore the santeros usually prepare these cult works much dedicadamente.

Anyhow it is important that we bear in mind that the santeria works do not limit themselves to producing only cult to the gods, but also, how in any African religion, the santeros possess different types of sorcerers and healers who are in charge of realizing different magic works, each of them dedicated to a special sector of the life of the persons. Finally we do not want to leave aside the fact that the santeria music is one of the most important elements during the rituals and the sacrifices that him are offered to the gods since as in the voodoo, the spirits of the gods take possession of many of the participants using them like messengers to transmit what they want to teach. Anyhow, and although the santería has many points in common with the voodoo, in spite of the sacrifices practices, the santeria is a little calmer as for his practices.

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