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The sanadores usually treat illnesses and ailments across the energy, although we must say that they rest very much on everything what is the medicine with grasses, balsams and prepared.

As the healers, the credibility of the sanadores is put in cloth of judgment due to the characteristics that possess the different practices that it realizes. For example, one of the most common cases that happen under the hand of a sanador is the fact that it has the skill of being able to realize an operation without using any type of anesthesia, but so that we could understand of what way a sanador operates, we can say that the same ones usually attend to his patients on a table and, most of the times, the same one must not undress his clothes as it happens in a regular medical consultation.

The only parts of the body that must be at sight are the belly and in someone cause the breast; generally the sanadores usually begin his review placing a towel over the clothes of the patient to prevent the same one from getting dirty; once done this the sanador approaches the patient and, being helped by a drenched cotton, it begins with the cleanliness of the belly rubbing it vigorously. sanador-manWhen everything is ready, the sanador begins to massage the skin with enough force until his fingers begin to cross it slowly, and this way it is as they cut the skin for the operations: with the fingers.

Now then, the steps previously mentioned are done in those cases where the surgery is minor, like an appendicitis or the eradication of the spleen, but: What raisin when it is a question of extracting a tumor? In this so particular case, say many persons who have attended these operations without anesthesia or common elements of surgery, the tumor is extracted after being pushed by the hand later to massage once again the wound caused by the cut. The most surprising thing is that when it begins to massage, it uses a cotton, the sanador uses again a cotton to manage to clean the belly that of course will be full of blood and it is possible to observe how the wound has closed completely and does not present tracks of any incision. This type of operations lasts about 4 minute and it is said that the patient does not feel any type of pain.

The scientific opinion with regard to the sanadores

Thousands are the sick persons who come to these sanadores so that, exactly, they cure them. In Brazil, for example, there exist several sanadores that operate almost of the same way, and between all of them there was a sanador called José Arigo. The same one usually practised surgical interventions that were characterized for being very rapid, but in this case he was doing it with help of a simple knife; in spite of this, record has not been had about any postoperative infection. For his part the traditional medicine is a strong opponent to these methods, since basically they are in charge of denying them, resting on all the laws that the physiology comprises. In fact an investigation of the A.M.N. (Asoc. North American doctor) came to the conclusion that most of these autonamed sanadores, were only a few big swindlers.

sanador-photosOn the contrary, the investigation realized by Jorge Meek, in spite of having come across with more than one fraud, stated the reality of all these facts in addition to the blood materialization, human and woven organs likewise there have been detected objects of an unknown origin that definitely were not human; there was great the filming that were realized for the purpose of proving all this, and also the photos existence is known, but as they are taken from a distance, this provokes an exclusion, at least of the contingency of a possible collective hypnosis.

On the other hand, the examinations that were realized as soon as the operations were finished leave at sight that the blood that is gathered not always coincides with the blood type of the patients and even often it has gone so far as to prove that the same one is of animal origin. The Doctor Sigrun Seuteman, a medical homeopath has supervised about 6.000 operations done by some sanador, and esteem that in 95 % of the checked cases, the textile that appears commonly in that of the surface of the body has not anything in common with the human textile. Nevertheless one has managed to state that several patients have had the opportunity to have experienced really a considerable improvement in his pathological state once the intervention finished. For his part, The parasicólogos are usually quite skeptical with regard to the real powers that the sanadores possess. Finally we mean that as it is observed, this topic of the sanadores is very controversial. The real question that it would be necessary to realize is the way in which the fraud is carried out, that is to say, of what way the blood appears and as the strange textiles are evident.

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