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History of the runes vikingas

The runes vikingas represent to the most ancient characters of the magic symbolic alphabet that more were used in the nomadic tribes of Scandinavia and the most ancient copies that have been have about approximately 2.000 years and the corresponding symbols are carved in rock and in wood.

The origin of the runes vikingas goes back at the bronze age, although one believes that they are much more ancient, and the northerly peoples used the symbols with the target to communicate his exploits and to leave a steadfastness of the same ones but principally they were used as magic oracle. Frequently in the ancient history of Northern Europe, the runes vikingas been used usually to attract and to project energies to achieve the healing of illnesses and the protection on the peoples, in parallel with it, many peoples were using them to know the past, present and future for the purpose of organizing itself when it is time to face difficult times.

According to the tradition that counts the history and the philosophy with which they usually used the runes vikingas, many magicians, wise persons, and priests of different northerly regions, they were using the signs carved in them to prepare all kinds of lucky charms, charm, conjurations and recipes or magic formulae; and in the times of the middle age, the knowledge about the runes vikingas was begun to spread for the whole European continent although his use began to diminish greatly in the XVIIIth century because the holy Inquisition began with his prohibitions to the pagan cults. runes - vikingas-modelosWhen we listen to name to the Runes vikingas the first thing that comes to our mind there are carved stones or wooden pieces, but how true the runes are not the objects but the symbols carved in them.

Likewise the ideograms of Chinese origin or the Hebrew letters, the runes vikingas express ideas and concepts, as also they allude to the deities invoking his powers, properties and qualities. Although it is true that the original target of the runes vikingas was only a magician, as the time was happening they transformed in an alphabet, in fact, in the north of Europe several runic signs have been in several engravings on rocks and some very common tools that been used usually for different tasks in the antiquity. The runes vikingas ancient been made usually of wooden fragments or of boulders where he was writing himself or there was carving each of the signs corresponding the only oracle. At present vikingas modern the same designs preserve the runes, but they are usually with ceramic or recorded made on quartz stones, although also a letters mallet exists with the simbología of the runes vikingas in which it can appreciate to each of the symbols of this alphabet.

How to use the runes vikingas

The runes vikingas can be consulted for the purpose of finding the answer to all those specific questions that we have at the moment when we are using them. One of the most effective methods to do it is that of the throw of runes vikingas, since once there have been obtained those who are needed, the person entrusted to interpret them will be able to give them the suitable meaning using his intuition as way to decipher the message that they are not giving. It is important to bear in mind that the runes vikingas used like oracle work like a luck of key that is created, it is capable of opening doors that are closed and that lead us to our experiences.

runes - vikingas-runasBut it is important to bear in mind that when a consultation is realized to the runes vikingas it is not done simply like an entertainment, he remembers that no clairvoyance system is infallible if the same one is not used by a good judgment and on all the things a good intuition. On the other hand it is fundamental that we create blindly in what they say the runes to us vikingas since the faith is a very important element during the consultation.

As well we said earlier, it is important do not do not not to understand that the runes vikingas are not an entertainment either it is not even a question of a game; rather here we are alluding to one of the more powerful hardware of divination of the magic. When we are using them, it is suitable not to rise any more than 4 personal questions, because otherwise the interpretation might to come to obscurecerse. Thus and bearing in mind that it is a question of an ancient oracle, the attitude that we must have has to be active, what it indicates that when the runes should have vikinigas one along with other one the situation in which we are or the current life that we are taking they must be analyzed seriously to be able to carry the questions out safely.

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