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Meaning of eleven runes of the love

When we speak about the runes of the love, we refer to the oracle of the runes used as an esoteric method to manage to reveal all those affectionate worries that usually attack many persons.

The oracle of the runes is receiving more and more leading role inside the world of the divination, and is for this reason that many persons use this way to consult about his doubts with regard to the love, be already because they are in couple or in love with someone that them does not correspond, the runes of the love, there seem to be an excellent consultation way. Now then, it is important to bear in mind that although the runes of the love are the same that are used for another type of consultations, when it talks each other specially about this topic eleven runes must be used only.

These will place themselves in his respective sachet but without realizing any type of question it does not even consult. To carry out a throw of runes of the love, the only thing that we must do it is to concentrate on the name and face of the person in whom we are interested, or, about which we worry. runes - amor-amorNow then, in case the one who is consulting to the runes of the love does not know name face of the person for whom it is not even going to realize the throw, in those cases where the consultation has to do with the arrival of some person who could become special in ours life, the correct thing is that, while there is chosen the rune that was extracted of the bag, the consultant visualizes although it is the silhouette of someone. Now then, many persons wonder if it is needed the use of some specific runes for and the answer is that really there owe only to use the runes Wyn, Feoh, Rad, Laguz, You, Ur, Beorc, Eohl, Ken, Nyd and Peord. Next we will explain the meanings and symbolisms of the runes of the love so that this way it should be much easier to understand them in every consultation to him.

Wyn: it symbolizes the reward as soon as the effort or sacrifice was done, and it is one of the runes of the love with major positive load of the oracle. Also it represents the space in which a family or a couple is unrolled.

Feoh: it represents to the fire, and to the prosperity. Between the runes of the love Feoh it augurs the conclusion of a stage and the tests ending. It is important to bear in mind that this rune represents a powerful weapon against the worries caused by envy and jealousy.

Rad: the presence of this rune of the love generally alludes to the connection that it is necessary to have with our interior voice to be able to recover our own rhythm in the personal relations, and at the same time to obtain justice in those circumstances that do not treat us completely well.

Laguz: it symbolizes the element water and between the runes of the love it represents the tests, the possibility of again or in some cases, it falls down stumble in the same error. Although the symbol that possesses this rune was used like amulet to remove the negative attitude, in a throw of runes of the love, the same one augurs the rupture and the chaos.

You: this rune represents the breath of the life and offers to us the spiritual and emotional power that we need to face adverse situations that appear in our personal life. It is used very much in the magic for the harmony in the relations.

runes - amor-runasUr: it is the rune of the force and the value. Ur propitiates the births and alludes to a stage in which of develará many vitality and energy.

Beorc: between the runes of the love, this is one of the most important since it is related to the fertility, the health and the beauty of a couple. It is important to emphasize the fact of this one also it represents one of the symbols most used in the magic at the time of realizing different love charm.

Eohl: when in a runes throw of to love, the rune Eohl appears, it is indicating us that there is someone who wants to harm the couple and precisely his appearance is an advantage since it is a very powerful protection symbol.

Ken: this rune generally collaborates with the power of the auto-transformation, at the same time, man - woman alludes to the passion and to the creation of life corresponding to any union. In the runes of the love, this is the only one that refers specially to the sexual love in a couple.

Nyd: it represents the state of meditation by means of which one gains access to the depth d and our spirit. On the other hand it represents the acceptance of the destination as soon as there were overcome all the tests and circumstances that crossed us in our way.

Peord: between the runes of the love, this one stands out for being surrounded with mystery and it is the rune that invokes the gods to realize the divinatory practice.

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