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Celtic runes: the first ones in the history

Since we know already, one of the methods is the runes most used for to most of the persons who devote themselves to the clairvoyance since the same ones are very significant, in addition to having a very magic energy vibration.

All the types of runes descend from the Celtic runes, since these were the first ones that existed, and those that him were dedicated to Odin; anyhow up to today those who use them raise many doubts about his origin. There are called they Celtic runes first of all because the areas where the first stones were found with these engraved symbols there was the geographical territory that the Celts were inhabiting in the antiquity, which the letters and symbols that were carved in most of the opposing stones distributes between Sweden, Denmark, Romania, Ireland and Holland between many were representing others between many other things, different types of conjurations that in that one epoch the druids were using to be able to be protected from the evil.

The existence of the Celtic runes has been seen from very ancient epochs and there exists a very widespread opinion that coincides that the Celtic runes were they were developing from the symbols petroglifos corresponding to the writing hallrisringnor. runes - celtas-runasAnyhow the archaeologists who found the remains of the Celtic runes can only speculate, but from the information which they had with regard to the culture and the Celtic traditions it is possible to be said that the beliefs that circulate to the surroundings of the same ones man and a considered Goddess have to do with a God the mother ground of the fertility and the Goddess moon of the enchantments.

On the other hand also it turns out to be interesting to stand out the fact that the northerly warriors usually took in his war helmets two horns that the Celtic God was possessing in representation of the beams of the sun; on the other hand, the experts who have studied per year to the Celtic runes make sure that the secretiveness of three legs of the island Man, colonized by northerly navigators, treats swastika as a representation of the cross and somehow it is related to the symbols corresponding to the Celtic runes. On the other hand we must say that the word “rune“ is a derivative of the northerly word run that is defined as “Letters“. Really for this reason each of the Celtic runes possesses characters that were used by the ancient Scandinavians; of the same form, the symbols in the Celtic runes are related to an ancient word used in the Germanic tribes renak which was alluding to develar a secret or a mystery. Bearing in mind this etymological connection, we can say that the oracle of the Celtic runes not only represents one of the most important systems as for the hermetic communications, but also it separates it from other very similar methods. Precisely there is this the esoteric factor that grants to the Celtic runes the character of magic alphabet, since if we have the opportunity to analyze it, we will be able to observe that the same one consists for a series of words to which it usually assign the possession give different secret powers.

Celtic runes as method of divination and protection

runes - celtas-celtaAt present like well we have said previously, there exist different types of runes that descend from the Celtic runes, which are much used like divination methods. In this sense we can say that the Celtic runes turn out to be quite precise compared to other divination systems, but it is always important that who the este interpreting us of an objective vision, in addition to which it must have experience and know thoroughly the meaning and his variants of each of the symbols of the Celtic runes.

On the other hand, the Celtic runes are much used also in the Celtic magic and the magic Wicca, due to the strong magic and energy connotation that the symbols of the runes possess. Generally they are used in protection charm, since exactly one believes that several of these symbols were created by the druids specially for this type of works, but on the other hand it is important that we bear in mind that when these symbols interfere with the magic, the intention with which they are used has a lot to do, that's why if there is used the power of the Celtic runes with bad intentions, probably all the potency and the energy irradiation that the same ones possess can become very dangerous for the person who is being affected by the charm.

Finally we do not want to allow saying that often the Celtic runes are used like amulets of good luck or protection, for many very devout people to the Celtic culture. This type of amulets are based on the symbols of the runes which hang of a chain and can be used like pendants, and even also there are brooches; this way those persons who practise magic Wicca or Celt usually take these amulets with it.

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