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Rituals wiccanos of purification and beginning

Inside the religion wicca there exist many rituals that are carried out usually earlier or during of the magic practices and all of them have a quite high importance level since basically the whole magic wicca is based on his rituals.

If we begin to study about the religion and his customs we will be able to discover that there are rituals Wiccanos of purification where they are realized different prepared by means of some grasses so that they are drunk by the practitioners and this way they could have a finished internal cleanliness; the rituals wiccanos of the protection circle are very important since it is there where most of magic rituals are carried out. The target of the same one is to protect the practitioner wiccano against any thing that could go so far as to damage us while they realize the charm and the conjurations.

The consecration of the hardware used in most of the charm and magic rites also represents one of the rituals wiccanos more important than the religion, since any tool, before being used, must be dedicated, otherwise it would not serve to realize either the charm or the conjurations. rituals - wiccano-templateThe hardware devotes itself across four elements, and generally while this it is carried out, it is necessary to recite a prayer to the gods; and logically also the rituals of beginning exist.

In this sense we can say that many rituals exist wiccanos of beginning to the religion which are usually realized in the Coven Wicca (place of meeting) or also there exist those that are of car a beginning, when the practitioner of the wicca is solitary. To take end end it is important to bear in mind that, before beginning, it is necessary to have at least years of studies and practice on the wicca. The rituals wiccanos of beginning look principally that the practitioner gets in touch with the Goddess and with the God, and once realizing this, the person can think inside the religion. It is possible to be said that the only requisite to be able to be part of the religion wicca is simply to meet of feet head

Esbat and Sabbat

The Esbat and the Sabbat are two rituals wiccanos more important of the religion. In case of the Esbat we will say that it is a celebration that usually realizes all the night of full moon and bearing in mind that the word comes from the Frenchman S'ebattre whose meaning is to amuse itself, we can have an idea of what it is a question. These rituals wiccanos were originally private meetings that been realized usually under a darkness cloak, generally in the interiors of the deepest forests. The most important thing during this celebration is to be close to all the elements, for it it usually light a bonfire close to some creek, in some place surrounded with trees and nature.

rituals - wiccano-brujaBasically the Esbats represent the moment in which the sorcerers realize his magic rituals, and it was habitual that organize dances, holidays and canticles. At present these rituals wiccanos usually talk each other of meetings between enchanting friends where they adore the goddess, amuse themselves, the tradition of the dances and the canticles still has not broken. Anyhow we must emphasize that at present the celebration of the Esbats has become much more informal. The sabbats represent the days in which the rituals wiccanos must be carried out.

The Sabbat are related straight to the moon and the sun since precisely there are two stars that more it influences they have on the god and the goddess and in general, these you begin with the rituals wiccanos of the protection circle. Once done this, the ritual wiccano corresponding is that of the full moon, any time the Sabbat falls down just in full moon, otherwise the ritual will be ignored and finally the rituals must be realized wiccanos corresponding to the sabbat that generally is realized usually by means of a banquet, dance games and celebration. The principal idea of both rituals wiccanos is of venerating his gods, but to the difference that exists the fact is that the magic rituals must be realized only during the Esbbats, this is due to the fact that the Sabbats for his part, are done more than anything for the rituals wiccanos that we have just mentioned, and it is important that this is fulfilled since in both cases we are speaking about two of the rituals wiccanos more sacred that are celebrated in this religion.

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