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Three rituals voodoo more excellent

Although the rituals that are practised usually in the communities faithful to this religion are great and varied, it is important to emphasize that two are the rituals voodoo more important that they recover those more ancient and typical declarations of cult of the diverse ethnic groups.

These three rituals voodoo are: the INLET, which origins are really very ancient and derive from PLOWING, a very ancient city where the gods were considered to be protectors and custodians of the stability, not only from the families but also of the whole region. For it it is an Inlet one of the rituals is a voodoo that more prestige and authority possess in the religion. Other of the more important rituals of voodoo is the so called Petro that is characterized for being a much harder and inflexible rite that, in fact, the previous one in many cases can go over to the autoflagellation and to the cruelty with the others.

The term that names him this ritual voodoo has his origin in the word Antal Dompete, a very significant personage in the religion voodoo. In this ritual the gunpowder miscellany is usually used with rum and a ritual drink necessary is created to produce cult to the gods, the same one produces reactions and alterations that can go so far as to kill the person who has consumed it and such effects characterize the violent nature that these types of rituals voodoo possess. rituals - vudu-templateIn the rite Petro the anger and the revenge are the elements keys that break loose during his development since exactly there is evident the whole aggressiveness and the suppressed violence of the persons who are taking part of this ritual.

Generally, the rituals voodoo of this type are informed by a priest that there assumes the personage of an angry justice adherent, whose criterion of the justice can make way for him to the most merciless cruelty, flogging the persons who meet in situation a whip to the rhythm of the drums that martillean with a mystical cadenza provoking that the ambience becomes much heavier. As the rituals voodoo are advancing, the participants begin to consume very strong drinks as the rum or the clavin, which have aggregate whose process was that of the maceration, together with spices and piquant, and at the same time they represent the gift that is delivered to the gods. Together with her, the animals sacrifice also is a part of the gifts that him must be done to the gods. For example, one of the requirements that is done to him on behalf of the gods towards the priests, is that the above mentioned must murder a white rooster, and in a lot of other occasions, the animals are living wire drawing to the bonfire.

The importance of the dance in the rituals voodoo

A principal characteristic of the rituals voodoo is the dance, in fact, to the voodoo there is called he “the religion danced” and it owes to the sacred value that they give him to the dance, which as well we have always said there has had a place privileged inside this religion and his rituals; the movements of the human body acquire a certain friendliness and the faculty to assume those powers and attributes that they characterize to the animal that realizes the action that is imitated during the dance. It is important to bear in mind that in the rituals voodoo the dance is an essential component, for it the fact is that the religion is catalogued like "danced". What the rituals voodoo try across the dance is to enter a communion species with the nature and to manage to express itself with the whole being to manage to receive the breath of the God who demonstrates by means of the elected attribute.

rituals - vudu-fotosAnyhow it is important to emphasize that there is no clear distinction between the sacred dances that characterize to the rituals voodoo with the profane dance, since only it is a question of a declaration of the emotions, that is to say, of the pain, of the suffering, the love, the prayer and the poetry; also the mourning is evident usually in the singing and in the dances as if the soul of those who practise them should be liberated of the most intense sensations. In the rituals voodoo, the difference that exists between the different types of dance, owes to the temperament of the divinity or, to the type of ritual that is carried out.

The same ones can be happy, energetic or up to obscene since other one of the purposes that possess the dances in the rituals voodoo is to contact the lugubrious thing that surrounds the owners of the death, that to the rhythm of the drums, they remind to the men the victory of the wild eroticism that makes a detour to the death. Another fundamental element in the rituals a voodoo there are the drums that have a sacred meaning since they represent to the independent spirits those who also are done to them offend and sacrifices devote themselves. Undoubtedly the rituals voodoo and the whole philosophy that surrounds this religion will always be under the magnifying glass of the whole world since it represents one of the most controversial creeds that follow in the world.

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