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Charm and rituals to attract a person

One of the uses more common that one gives to the magic in these days is to manage to attract that person that we consider to be special and that want to have nearby ours, but before deciding to carry out of the ritual charm to attract a person, it is important that we bear in mind some fundamental factors of the magic.

First of all no ritual or charm that is practised for the purpose of breaking the will of a person can bring positive consequences, really for this reason the ethics that handles the white magic prohibit this type of acts, of all methods this is something that stays in the conscience of every individual. Also, also it is important that we think that when a person does not want to be with us, to realize a ritual to achieve the opposite would be to interfere with the destination.

Nevertheless, we can say that if it is desirable to realize some of the types of rituals to attract a person but with the only purpose with which it helps us ourselves whom we manage to attract with our own attributes, then in this case it is completely authorized. rituals - atraer-persona-brujaEmphasizing this topic we can say that these rituals to attract a person are very common in those insecure persons if the same; the same ones expire with the target to surround the person who wants to attract other one, of positive energy, helping to that this one acquires a slightly more optimistic attitude and simultaneously helping her to feel safe of if the same. Now then, we must say that many of the rituals to attract a person that they use the modern witches are requested by those women who were "left" by his couples and want to recover them. Here it is where a moral quandary appears in the magic, since generally these rituals usually have dejos of black magic; one of them is the ritual of mooring, which does that the person who wants to go away of our side does not do it, or, that returns asking for another opportunity.

This type of rituals to attract a person tends to have quite serious consequences since in general, the couple after a time begins to be destroyed herself, for what we come to the conclusion that really these rituals has an expiry date. On the other hand a ritual exists to find the ideal person much known inside the ambience of the magic Wicca and Celt and in this case we must say that this one ritual does not possess any type of negative connotation since simply one is asking for help to accelerate an event that possibly must happen, therefore he would not be interfering completely with the destination.

rituals - atraer-persona-altarFor him there are needed a transparent quartz, a brown sail, a ball of white wool and a white sail. With the wool it is necessary to go wrapping the quartz until the same one remains completely covered and then there must be spilled little melted wax corresponding to the brown sail on the last thread that stands out of the covering so that the same one does not open, and then this must be placed under the bed. It is important that the ritual to find the ideal person is realized before the sunset and finishes once the sun has already descended, and an important detail to be considered is that this amulet created in the ritual, must not be withdrawn in no moment of the house, since it would lose the energy contained in the same one. Generally it is said that after 6 months of realized this ritual to find the ideal person, the same one comes to our lives.

Rituals to attract a person using the black magic

It is probable that the rituals to attract a person more known inside the black magic are those of mooring, but there is a countless variety of the same. According to the level that is needed for the work, it will be the intensity of the magic ritual; we say this why it is very common that in these rituals to attract a person, malignant spirits usually interfere, demons and all kinds of dark entities, and due to the intervention of these beings, this type of rites usually has quite serious consequences.

There exist many cases in which, a person enraged, on having being left, appeals the sorcerers in order to realize a ritual to attract again the remote person using black magic. The reported experiences of some persons who were victims of this type of works tell that a sensation is experienced I worry too much my perm, pains and head, of stomach, without mentioning that they develop a grade of important paranoia. Other of the symptoms is that they feel chased permanently, and this is due to the fact that exactly the invocation of the malignant spirits has for purpose that they chase and watch permanently the person so that this one does not turn to remove. As any ritual to attract one appears in person that it uses these means, as the time happens the things begin to come undone although in this case, they are experienced you peel very violent so much psychological as physically. If someone is a victim of some of these rituals, it must consult with some white witch so that it cuts the effects of the same one.

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