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Effective rituals to remove a person

There are those who say that the life in couple turns out to be very difficult and on not having found a natural way of removing a person for whom there does not sit down already the affection that in the beginning made them join, they resort to the magic realizing different rituals to remove a person.

We must say first of all that there are one and thousand ways of cutting a relation in which one does not want to be, therefore the magic in this case is really unnecessary. Anyhow, each one can use it as more he liked, but it is important that the consequences that this could bring are considered and reflected before realizing any type of ritual. If it is a question of a case like this one, in him that simply wants to move away the person for not wishing it any more nearby ours, then we can say that we would be using partly white magic and in another part black magic.

We say this because, on having thrown a person of our life, we are forcing her to do something that she does not want, that implies breaking his will, and this is the principal characteristic of the rituals of black magic, now well, looking at another face of the situation, to be in a relation without love, can become harmful to both persons, especially to the one that is still still a lover, for it we might think that these rituals to remove a person simply would be helping it giving him a “energy push” for move away alone without it going out injured. rituals - alejar-persona-altarAnyhow we want to insist that in both cases, to realize rituals to remove a person is an unnecessary practice, because with a good chat, this can be solved.

Nevertheless, they exist infinity of cases in which, many persons are chased and up to harassed by his ex-couples, and in this case, to apply some of the rituals to remove a person can turn out to be a good idea, any time the same ones are not harmful; it is important not to use magic rituals as a revenge way, without mattering how annoying she can be a person that rehúsa to allow us to go. In this case the rituals are usually slightly more complex as so that they could be carried out by one himself, for it it will always be better to appeal an experienced person, so that the same one studies the case and knows that to do. With a ritual to remove a person of this well realized type, probably in less than two months we will be able to continue peacefully with our lives.

Rituals to remove an unwanted person

It is common that along the way of our lives some persons insist on entering in to accompany us although we perceive the bad one it vibrates that it characterizes them scarcely they approach us. The most common thing is that we try to evade them, but for some motive they are always there. As in the cases previously mentioned, perhaps with a chat this is solved, but it is important to bear in mind that many persons do this type of things with the intention of (unconsciously) absorbing our energy, therefore it is probable that rehúsen to move away from us. These so particular cases are usually very harmful to us, therefore to practise some of the rituals to remove the unwanted person can turn out a good idea, but let's remember that the same ones must be realized without any damage intention, simply so that the person who bothers us moves away.

rituals - alejar-persona-fotoBearing in mind the delicacy of the case, since when there us stick these “vampires of the energy” it can be very dangerous to play with forces that we do not know, therefore we must be provided with anybody who should practise these rituals to remove an unwanted person and this way to avoid some error that in a future they could turn to us in against. It is important to clarify something: the fact that a person is an energy vampire, it does not imply that it is a demon or even that is evil, simply they do it unconsciously.

For example, those persons who are extremely nice or perhaps very affectionate and annoying are the typical cases of energy vampires, for it we must not believe that the alone fact of which a person bothers us is because it is bad, but because, without any type of intention more that the fact that it is his character, we are absorbed by energy that we need to live, for it often it is necessary to realize rituals to remove not wished person. On the other hand, in some situations it spends to us that up to those persons who openly want to hurt us, they turn out to be difficult to expel of our life. In this case there is no better way of removing a person like that sweeping the whole house, each of the corners, with a broom that is new, since this way one manages to extract his bad influence and his bad vibration to the street. Now then, if this person visits our house, one of the rituals to remove the unwanted person more recommended is that where it is necessary to write his name in a white role, then break it in many pieces and also to extract it with a broom to the street; the most probable thing is that the person moves away gradually from our life and we could live again in peace.

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