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Protection rituals in the antiquity

The protection rituals are probably one of the magic resources most used by the people together with the love charm.

This owes to the quantity of charm and works of nastiness that they usually do in different cases, added to the superstition and paranoia most of the people who moves inside the environment of the magic. The protection rituals change according to the purpose that they possess; in the antiquity, especially in the middle age, many magicians and wizards usually practised different types of protection rituals to protect all his magic secrets, and especially, they were protected themselves since in this epoch it was very common that the magicians were stuffing themselves between them in order to appropriate of the powers of other.

On the other hand, in the epoch of the Inquisition, due to the brutal hunt of witches that existed, those who in fact practise magic, they been covered usually with energy cloaks that were deriving from the different types of protection rituals so that they were caught and judged us. But if we go away a little more behind in the history, the protection rituals were a very common practice for many cultures and civilizations. rituals - proteccion-pentaculoFor example, the ancient Egyptians usually did rituals of protection to his deceased so that these could carry out his transition towards another world in peace. One of the more famous enclosed than protection rituals appears in the Bible it is the practised one during 7 plagues that attacked Egypt.

The night in which all the first-born ones would die, cradle helped many Jews to paint his doors with blood of lamb, of this form, the curse would not happen for his houses, remaining free of his consequences. The Greeks for his part, him were doing gifts to his gods in his respective temples in order to which the same ones protect them; even at present, to kneel down and to pray already is for us, for our family or for the people in general it represents one of the protection rituals more used in this epoch. Bearing this in mind we must know that in spite of his magic connotation, the protection rituals do not limit themselves only to the grasses, the incenses and the gifts to gods. Anyway, the magic protection rituals are the most powerful and in that the people deposit his confidence.

Types of protection rituals

If we bear in mind the quantity of evil that exists in this world, we would have to base our life on the achievement of different types of protection rituals to be able to feel a little more safe, but in spite of this superstition, there are specific rituals of protection for every case. On the other hand, it is important that we bear in mind that the charm is a fundamental part of the protection rituals, for example, one of most used by the white magic is a ritual for the daily protection composed by a recipe that needs a clove of garlic, and piece of slide and thick salt, and a laurel sheet. What it is necessary to do with this is to wrap a clove of garlic together with the sheet of the laurel in the slide and to take in the pocket every day.

rituals - proteccion-ingredientesThis one is alone one of the thousands of charm that help us to support far the nastiness. On the other hand, there are rituals of protection from the black magic, rituals of protection from demons or malignant spirits, to cut works of black magic that have been already practised on us, and the list continues eternally, and although. As we said previously, this type of charm that they complement to the protection rituals is the most required and used for the people, there are great the persons who affirm that his effects are void and that in case someone works, it would be a product of the autosuggestion and the conviction of the person that the esta carrying out.

In certain point this affirmation can become correct bearing in mind that one of the principal bases of the magic is precisely to believe that one has the aptitude to do something, and especially to have a blind and absolute faith of which everything what we tackle works. But also it is just to listen to both versions of the matter since there exist many people who, in spite of his few confidence in the protection rituals, had to carry out them for being in truly serious cases, they make sure that the same ones work of marvels. Finally we do not want to allow doing a clarification; as the magic, the protection rituals split into white persons and blacks, and it is important that one is very careful with the above mentioned since in general, what it is always necessary to give in return this one much further of our possibilities, being able to bring much more serious consequences than we think, what leads us to saying that really in these cases it is not a question of protection rituals but rather, an agreement for expediency with the dark forces.

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