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Elements to realize rituals of magic

To practise the rituals of magic we must bear in mind that we will need to have at our disposal all kinds of hardware and fundamental elements so that they could be carried out; although if we are sure that the desires for that we ask during these magic rituals of course will do it since the faith plays an important role in practice of the white magic and in the black magic.

If we want to give a concrete definition of what the magic rituals we can say that the same ones represent all those magic practices which purpose is to obtain something that we wish. The effectiveness of the rituals of magic has a lot to do with the energy that we put in them, since precisely it is our energy the one that leads them. The magic rituals can be carried out of many ways since rituals exist with sails, with baths, and also there are many that are realized by means of the use of amulets and lucky charms; it is important that we bear in mind that all these elements possess an important simbología and that's why the fact is that if energy is so necessary in the magic rituals.

Also, you answer to different needs that can go from the protection towards us in those cases where some contingency could arise, up to helping us to find the ideal couple; there always exists some element that sorceress adapts perfectly to any type of ritual. rituals - magia-mujerBoth in the rituals of white magic and in the rituals of black magic, the use of perfumes, grains, dust, oils and grasses is very common since all these substances present a series of magic properties that were recognized from the most ancient times and it has the aptitude to provoke changes of fortitude, and even to treat different discomforts and illnesses due to the chemical compounds that the same ones possess. Another fundamental element in the magic rituals there are the sails, which have a symbolic presence.

Every color has a meaning, and it is used according to the ritual that corresponds; this is due to the fact that the flame of the sails means the cleanliness of the soul, and his extinction the completion of this cleanliness. On the other hand the rituals of white magic of the Celts and the Wicca, it takes the conjurations use as a principal characteristic in heap; these are small poems that are written for the purpose of invoking to the power from which the intervention is needed to manage that the different types of rituals of white magic, without mattering which there are his motives or targets, could be successful. Also they are characterized by the invocation to the elementary spirits, since as well we know, most of the rituals of white magic Wicca and Celt, it takes like the cult as basic to the nature and precisely the elementary beings are who take care of her; to contact them is just as to contact the nature.

Rituals of white magic and rituals of black magic

As well as in the rituals of white magic benign spirits intervene, the black magic is characterized for different malignant spirits and demons have the intervention. Since we know, all the rituals of black magic take as a principal target to hurt and to create unpleasant situations for some persons. We must bear in mind that of the same way in which the rituals of white magic are impelled by the faith, the rituals of black magic take as an impulse energies originated from the hate, the envy, the jealousy, the anger, the spite (especially this case happens in the couples that have broken) and revenge, therefore we can conclude that it is possible to expect nothing good from her.

rituals - magia-templateThe rituals of black magic also include pernicious acts as animal, human sacrifices and frequently orgiastic practices as it happens in the black magic practised by the satanic cults. The physical aggression and the autoflagellation also are very common practices in the rituals of black magic since precisely, the presence of demons leads the persons to act this way. What we have just mentioned is related principally to the tribal rituals of religions that practise exclusively this type of rituals for the purpose of venerating his gods, but also there exist those that are typical of the witches and that are a question of realizing works by means of the rituals of black magic.

The problem that appears in this sense is rather moral that of faith, since the same persons who carry out these practices, also dedicate the rituals of white magic, and spend his life studying this philosophy. This is due to the fact that one of the beginning of the magic is of knowing to the perfection the forces which they are going to face, this means that those sorcerers and witches who do rituals of black magic must know also to depth as one handles the white magic, and vice versa. The persons who realize rituals of white magic must know to the perfection everything them recounted to the black magic, for it he practises them on that they dedicate his life there will depend entirely the sense of ethics and mulberry tree that they possess.

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