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When to resort to the rituals of love

The rituals of love are based on charm and magic conjurations which purpose is that of "bewitching" a wished person. There are many types of rituals of love, which split between the white rituals of love and the rituals of black love, which, if we analyze the context, should not be called rituals of love, since they are realized impelled by feelings of hate, spite, envy and extreme jealousy.

The rituals of love are much more ancient than we think, since he believes that for ages there have existed, especially in the ancient Greece where the mythology tells us the numerous Cupid anecdotes and of afrodita, two more important representatives of the love in the culture of the epoch. But: Why do so many people resort to these rituals of love? The true thing is that the magic represents a short cut for many persons, that is to say: Why to hope that something should happen if we can already provoke it?

And this type of thoughts is those that they provoke that the rituals of love, in the long run, turn us in against, since by no means we must interfere with the course of the events that provides the destination to us. To realize rituals of love to retain a person by force is very badly, since the magic takes as a prohibition to realize any type of energy manipulation to break the will of other persons; on the other hand, in those cases in which a couple breaks for causes like the infidelity or the lack of affection, it is not correct to realize rituals of love so that the one who decided to go away returns to us. It rituals - amor-parejais not also correct that realize rituals of love for the purpose of taking revenge for some infidelity, since in this case, it is probable that who we suffer the consequences we are we ourselves.

Basically the rituals of love must be made precisely with love and for love, must be impelled by feelings that reflect the happiness and they must never possess personal interests since in the first thing that it is necessary to think it is in the well-being of another person and not of one himself. But the problem that appears is that very few people have this perception; those who come to a witch or sorcerer to realize some of the types of rituals of love that they exist in the magic, do it for desperation and egoism. Another mishap in these cases is that most of the persons who devote themselves to realize the love charm, are characterized for being excellent merchants, and for it they encourage the practices of the rituals of love, since this way of mantiene the business. In conclusion, the rituals of love, if they are not done by entire delivery there was other one they present themselves, then we will not be able to expect anything good from the same ones.

Rituals of love done by love

Since we have explained in the previous paragraph, the rituals of love must be made by finished lack of interest and mobilized by a pure feeling towards another person. In this sense we can name some of the more common rituals of love; for example, when a person realizes some ritual with the target to find to the love of his life to be happy, of that time this is a case of real love, since here not to think about how to retain after anybody to force someone to fall in love, on the contrary, simply asks the ideal person to appear.

rituals - amor-ritualAnother observation that we can give is that these rituals of love turn out to be very kind since not only one is thinking about the happiness of one himself, but also, one thinks of making another person happy. Generally those who realize this type of rituals of love are characterized for being individuaos shy enough, to which it is difficult to be related to other persons, but who nevertheless, despite his shyness, want to share his life with someone more. Of love more common than it relates other of the rituals straight to the previous one it is that that there realize those persons who need to take the value to face the person of whom they are in love.

This is one of the best and rituals of love since we are helping ourselves to break a barrier that prevents us from coming to our happiness; logically this type of ritual does not represent any danger for anybody since simply him it is a question of asking the gods with the power of the rituals of love, to send an impulse of positive energy so that this way we could approach not only the person that we love for our own account, but also it results from big help to relate us to the rest of the people.

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