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Advices to realize rituals with sails

Since well we know, the sails have transformed in an essential and fascinating element in the world of the magic rites, and one of the principal advantages is that we are provided with a big sails variety both in colors and in meanings, for it the fact is that the rituals with sails have become very popular inside the magic and the paganism.

As well we said, the variety is enormous and the more used types of sails are usually those for the altar, which they are precisely those who are used only for the magic rituals, the zodiacal sails that are used usually in those rituals in which we have finally to invoke the knowledge of some oracle and the magic, most popular symbolic sails to realize rituals with sails of protection or gift. As we always say, it is fundamental that the rituals with sails do not take as a game since the magic remains liberated at random, for it also it turns out to be important to choose the day in which the ritual will be carried out with sails, to know safely which he will be the protective saint whom it will have to invoke.

rituals - velas-negras-rojasLike everything in any magic practice, in the rituals with sails, it is necessary to take certain collections before beginning; first of all the fundamental thing is to take conscience about the reasons by which we feel motivated to do the above mentioned ritual, and it is necessary not to light the sail before determining this. Secondly it is necessary that there is defined the one who will be the person who will receive the effects of the charm, it is be good or bad; in case it is a ritual with sails of white magic, then we must bear in mind if the same one will be dedicated to us or to someone more; let's remember in this point that it is fundamental that has the assent of another person if a ritual is going to be realized in the one that interferes; on the other hand, a fundamental rule about the rituals with sails is that the sail must be consumed completely, never blow of it.

Although some pagan currents allow this, it is important to clarify that when the sail is extinguished by means of our breath, the energy that was obtained during the ritual can vanish and this is not the intention since this way the ritual was done in vain. Another important detail is that in the rituals with sails, these must never catch fire with a phosphorus or with any type of lighter, the best thing is always to use a white and smooth role, since this represents to the purity and it will help to support removed to all those spirits that we do not wish; simultaneously it is important that the sails are not placed on bases or black surfaces, especially if they are of metal. This type of black elements, like the metallic candelabra, is much used in the black magic and in the cults satanistas since the black color combined with the force of the fire there are no good idea. Although the sails possess symbolisms that must be applied for the good, there are great the profane religions that use the rituals with black and red sails precisely why the same ones attract to the malignant spirits.

Rituals with nature sails I christen

rituals - velas-mujerAlthough the sails are a fundamental element in all the pagan rituals, also we must say that they are used very much in those that are Christian; the baptisms, communions, weddings, and up to the deathwatches and burials there are the rituals with sails more common that we will be able to appreciate. This is like that because the fire of the flame that it consumes to the sail represents the purification of the soul and the elevation of the spirit; even one of the rituals with sails more celebrated about the world is the birthday of a person; this one is considered to be a ritual because it possesses a very important symbolism of which, the sails are fundamental part “to blow of the velitas” as it is said to him that commonly it symbolizes something like burning a stage.

It is passed further on by the way of our life, and in this sense, the sails represent raising one more step of the stairs that will lead us to expiring with our destination, really for this reason the sails in a birthday never need. Now then, if in the above mentioned birthday there are no sails that to blow, the symbolism that corresponds to it is of remaining caught in a stage of which it will be difficult to go out if the corresponding evolution is not realized. In addition to the Christianity the Judaism also possesses his rituals with sails, as for example in Januca, where there is used a candelabrum of seven arms in which, each of the sails represents 7 days of the creation.

In addition to these, thousands are the rituals with sails that exist; even religions as the Buddhism and the Hinduism use the sails to realize different exercises of concentration, of which most practised it is the contemplative meditation where the person who is carrying out this so important ritual must concentrate on the flame of the sail, something not very difficult of managing since how we know, the dance that realizes the flame of a sail is practically hypnotic.

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