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Beliefs and practices of the religion shaman

The religion shaman is a group of beliefs and traditional practices that are alike very much those of the animism, and the "priests" shamans make sure that they are provided with the aptitude to treat the suffering and the evil of the human being.

According to the religion shaman, his shamans manage to canalize all the curative powers that it assumes to them crossing the line with the world of the spirits and forming a certain relation with them. The religion shaman has his bases in the premise that he says to us that the world that we all see, is impregnated with forces and invisible spirits, which manage to influence and affect in most of the declarations of the life.

The religion shaman is considered to be by several persons the precedent of most of the organized religions since this one was born long before the Neolithic one. On the other hand, the religion shaman possesses certain aspects that are supported at the bottom of the religions and in general in most of his symbolic and mystical practices. religion - chaman-imagenIt is necessary to emphasize that the Greek paganism shaman was much inspired in the religion so and as it is reflected in such histories like Prometeo, Tántalo and Medea, between many others and many of the practices of the religion shaman who was carried out in the ancient Greece were realized later in Rome. On the other hand, many of the practices of the religion shaman were alienated when the monotheism began with his spread in Europe, about the year 400 at the moment when the catholic church obtained the control of the Greek and Roman religions, where most of the temples were destroyed and the ceremonies that were not proscribed, they were appropriate.

One believes that the hunting of witches realized by the Holy Inquisition could have been the last religious pursuit which purpose was precisely to finish with the practices of the religion shaman in Europe, although the repression to the religion shaman continued with the influence of the Catholicism in the Spanish colonization, de facto, in the Caribbean Sea and part of America of the south, the catholic priests were the tool of destruction of most of the local traditions, denouncing most of the practitioners of the religion shaman like representatives of the demon, by what they were tortured and later executed. religion - chaman-fotos

From his part, in North America the English puritans carried out many campaigns against the individuals who were considered to be shamans, and in more recent times, many attacks against the different participants of the religion shaman were realized by Christian missionaries in several third-world countries. In the year 1970, many Christian missionaries destroyed petroglifos historical in the Amazon forest. At present, the religion shaman survives in different peoples and indigenous tribes. Most of the practices are carried out in forests, deserts and some other rural areas although also in cities and suburbs. The religion shaman is extended at present in Africa and in South America, where it is more known like “religion shaman crossbreeds”.

Religion shaman modern

The religion shaman has been adopted in the modern world as the movement New Age, who has appropriated of many of his ideas, like this way also of beliefs and practices of the different ramifications of the religion shaman of different indigenous cultures. Now then, the opinion on the part of the real followers of the religion shaman is quite aggressive since they are opposed flatly to this use of his beliefs and practices; as they say, this method of New Age they use mistakenly the knowledge of the religion shaman since they study it in a very superficial way.

On the other hand, another very important point of standing out is that an attempt exists in several circles ocultistas and esoteric of shaman reinvents the religion giving him a more modern dye and departing from the bases of a system of beliefs and of practices in a synthetic way from several religions corresponding to different indigenous tribes. Anyhow strong criticism has been done for believing that it is possible to arm a modern religion taking different parts of other religions. Nevertheless we must say that most of the modern followers of the religion shaman center very much on the use d and ritual and hallucinogenic, as well as also, the rites corresponding to the magic of such a popular chaos in the religion shaman. Many of these followers usually express the desire to use a system that is based on its own ancestral traditions. Finally we mean that many anthropologists have devoted themselves to discuss about the impact that has this modern version of the religion shaman as for the indigenous traditions.

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