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Past lives


Does the reincarnation exist?

The reincarnation is a religious belief which indicates that the soul or spirit of a person, after this one has died, separates of the body to take other and to be able to continue with a new mortal life.

Basically the theory of the reincarnation says that all the souls happen for cycles of deaths and embodiments constantly, and for example, a human being who has died, a life can live again in the ground being born again but how a different person. The reincarnation has many parallel theories, and one of the most well-known is the so called "metempsychosis" which says that those persons who were big sinners in a life can go so far as to reincarnate in animals or even up to plants, what would imply a regression. Other one of the theories that they accompany to the reincarnation is that the same one is a product of the human desire for giving him an explanation to the big differences that exist between them with regard to the intelligence, the talents, the fortune and the health.

If we analyze the doctrine that dictates the reincarnation, the behavior that a person has had in his previous lives is the person in charge of the above mentioned differences, so, if in a past life a person suffered very much because of economic problems and was very poor, the most probable thing is that in the present life his economy is assured, on the contrary, all those persons who have had a greedy and egoistic behavior in his previous life, the most probable thing is that in the present they suffer illnesses and all kinds of misfortunes. reincarnation - imageAnyhow, many persons, especially those fanatical religious believers, affirm that the persons do not have why to find an answer and an explanation for everything what is not understood, for it is that they push this one back theory of the reincarnation. On the other hand, the reincarnation is a product of the karma, this one implies that a person must pay his errors in his lives spent with his next reincarnations.

This way the successive reincarnations of the soul, they would help to that the spirit of a person evolves, since each of the embodiments must be done in a top being; for it as we said previously, when the soul of a person who has been sinful in end reincarnates in a low being, this implies a regression. When a soul achieves his biggest evolution point, then it will stop reincarnating to submerge in to the eternity. Those who defend this theory of the reincarnation make sure that the soul is eternal, but the person is not. This is due to the fact that the spirit lives in a person and when this one "wears out", obtains other one. It is important to bear in mind that the soul is not individual, but it is a property of God. The purpose of the cycles of reincarnation for which it crosses is of paying the faults that were created in the previous lives to be able to purify it up to coming to the point of “lighting“, what would imply that the soul remains liberated of the reincarnation. Since well we can deduce, the reincarnation goes of the hand with the theory of the past lives, since basically one is the consequence of other one (the past lives are a product of the reincarnation) and with the law of the karma; let's remember that the human beings we must learn of our errors past in the present for it itself the fact is that by means of the reincarnation we will learn of the errors committed in the past.

Orígen of the theory of the reincarnation

reincarnation - womanThe theory that explains the reincarnation had his origin in the indies for the VIIth century B.C. where the most primitive men who were devoting themselves to the agriculture were observing like all the components of the nature, once they were fulfilling his cycles, they were returning: the sun was going out in the morning and was putting itself in the evening to return the following day. The fields, the flowers, the climate, all these elements were possessing a circular movement and the entire life of each of them was seeming to be done in cycles that were recuring constantly.

This fact was what it took to the persons to be thought in that the man also might have this aptitude to return to this world, but how they saw that the body of a dead person was decomposing in the course of time, one began to think that it was the soul who was taking another body again, to be able to take a new life. When in the indies the religion arose Buddhist in the Vth century B.C. was when the theory of the reincarnation is adopted completely, and by means of the Buddhism it spread in China, Japan and in the Tibet, to come later to Rome and Greece and this way the reincarnation was joining the beliefs of many other religions, which assumed it like a basic element of his faith.

At present, the hindúes have incorporated of such form the theory of the reincarnation that they live through all his life preparing itself for the next one; it is by it that the hindúes are known for being the very kind and good people, since they try not to commit any type of error for what they should pay in his next life.

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