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Reincarnation Buddhist, the second opportunity

The reincarnation Buddhist was the first concept that was had about the reincarnation, and generally this is the one that more usually surprises the persons since not only it is difficult to understand but also it is very difficult to explain.

What we can say is that the reincarnation Buddhist speaks of that somehow there is something of ours that is supported in those that it surrounds to us and what raises this theory is that there is a different existence after the death. Now then, in case of reincarnation Buddhist we must say that the cycle includes approximately six states of the existence, which must be crossed by all those beings provided with sensibility who have to expire with a law of the karma, for errors committed previously.

These states are: the gods; asuras (elementary beings); human beings; animals; bogeys; and inhabitants of the hell, and only in the human state a being has the possibility of achieving his spiritual awakening being liberated of the reincarnation wheel. Anyway, the theory of the reincarnation Buddhist makes sure that a person can decide if he wants to be born again after his death. Likewise the Hinduism does it, the reincarnation Buddhist implies a load or punishment, since the renaissance is perceived as a misfortune, for it the Buddhists think that at the moment of the death there will decide the character that is had in the next reincarnation. reincarnation - budista-bebeThis is the explanation for which, the deaths Buddhists must always be adapted and represent one of the fundamental moments of the religion since as they say, the reincarnation Buddhist allows a person to choose which it will be the next maternal belly of the one that will be born. According to the Tibetan book of the death, Buddhist explains to the reincarnation like a step of approximately 4 days, between the death of a person and his next birth. Since well we know, every living being is submitted to the death and, for this reason, the tall monks Buddhists have to the reincarnation the possibility of choosing which it will be his next reincarnation, as this way also they can choose to stop reincarnating (any time they take a life according to his religion and his votes).

One of the principal characteristics that has the reincarnation Buddhist in contrast to other reincarnation theories is that there fits the possibility that the one who reincarnates does it in two or more body. For example, the spirit, which for the Buddhism represents the vital beginning reincarnates in a body, while the soul and the knowledge in two different ones. Now then, if the death surprises a person without same it having expired with his mission in the ground, the next life they will have to do it, since loose ends cannot be left in any reincarnation.

reincarnation - budista-budistaThe theory of the reincarnation Buddhist names these cases as Tulkus, and they represent the opposite pole of the general theory of the reincarnation that says that the soul of the people reincarnates in only one body. The reincarnation Buddhist is considered to be an opportunity of learning of the errors assignments, what implies that every human being has right to the second opportunity since what it equals to the human beings is being governed by the same laws, under which God arranged an evolutionary progress of his creation. Bearing in mind this parameter, according to the reincarnation Buddhist to a person nape must import the physical condition of every being for him, without importing that the same one interferes with his capacities, since the most important thing is to struggle to obtain to the maximum a full spiritual development and be able to think that today we are a product of that we were previously. The reincarnation Buddhist believes that for something we are the fruit of what we sow.

The reincarnation Buddhist today

The theory that Buddhist corresponds to the reincarnation is based on the educations of prince Gautama that as we know, I change a life of luxuries and benefits into the tireless search of the internal peace. In the doctrine of the reincarnation Buddhist the Karma is the manager of the human configuration of the meaning of life explaining all the inequality that take place in the same one. At present those who continue the Buddhisms beliefs are about 340 million persons, and each of them strains for taking a life full of peace and meditation since Buddhist governs his life based on the beliefs of the reincarnation.

As the hindúes, the Buddhists live through a healthy life and of devotion since they are prepared for their own reincarnations, and his intention is not to have to pay hanging accounts in any of his embodiments. Basically, the conviction that there possess the followers of the doctrine of the reincarnation Buddhist, of whom if it is not worked consequently from one life to other one, it loads it that it will possess the Karma due to the negative behavior will provoke that the person becomes incarnate in considered beings lower than the human being, as there are the animals, or the plants.

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