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Reconstruccionismos concept

The reconstruccionismos are something like promotions of those ideas that they raise the fact that the history that they tell us really did not happen this way since in general, he believes that most of the educations about the history is generated immediately after a combination between the conspiracies and mistakes; basically what the reconstruccionismos raise is the rewriting of the history based on an investigation that it helps to that all the historical milestones that form the history of the humanity could be put in his place. We can say that the construccionismos are an extreme way to realize a historical revisionism, which at present his biggest exponent finds n those persons who make sure that the holocaust was not so terrible as the history counts it.reconstruccionismo-image

Although also there are those who make sure that it never happened and accuse the conspiracy Jews against the Nazi. Another example that we can give is that of the catholic reconstruccionismos, where the most conservative sectors of the same one get into debt in putting the qualification of “black legend” to all those uncomfortable historical facts in which it took part, as it can be the support of the Catholicism to many of the biggest dictatorships that existed in the history, the pursuit to the Protestants with the creation the Holy Inquisition, and especially the dealings that the church did with the Nazi. Finally we can say that one of the principal characteristics of the existing reconstruccionismos is that there are still neither a rule nor a boss together, in fact it is relativista, but let's not believe that this means that everything is allowed since the reconstruccionismos reaffirm the relevancy that possesses the moral criterion for the scientific practices.

Types of reconstruccionismos

The reconstruccionismos are ideologies on that at present they are treading very loudly inside the society, and we must say that there exist several types of reconstruccionismos who adapt themselves to each of the religions or beliefs to which they belong, for example, one of more acquaintances are the pagan reconstruccionismos that try to identify the stripes that they delimit to the modern religions. The above mentioned religions represent the modern reconstruction that was done of the ancient religions for what we must say that these are defined specially as an idea of reconstruccionismos. Other of the types of reconstruccionismos more acquaintances is that of the social reconstruccionismos, which, in accordance with his approach, possess like essential problem the fact that the evaluation does not take root in the didactic characteristics that are used to do them, but rather, the this importance in the instruments or skills that are used.

reconstruccionismo-photosAnyhow it is important to clarify that the social reconstruccionismos are basically ideas that go against the methods of acting of the society in general. It is important to bear in mind that so that the social reconstruccionismos, overcome the duality between object and subject needs the development of a theory of the knowledge as a mental representation. Of this one forms, these types of reconstruccionismos insist that the knowledge is not anything with what the persons we are born, but with the experience acquired across the years, and one of the essential hardware for this is they are he doubts the language.

Inside the types of reconstruccionismos there is also the Jewish movement which origin and development was in the United States, where there is pushed back the idea of that an elected people exists since it is considered to be an arrogant attitude that has as a result the anti-Semitism, in addition to being illogical and slightly rational. Also he thinks that an evolution is needed on the part of the Judaism so that this way pass could answer opposite to the today requisites. The Jewish reconstruccionismos represent an idealistic movement that demands the democracy pluralista where every community could turn provided with his respective spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs.

The Christian reconstruccionismos for his part, represent an important branch inside the types of reconstruccionismos more acquaintances in the world; the same one has his yields in the United States and his belief is based on the moral and religious degeneration that the society has suffered in the latter 30 years. It is important to emphasize in this case that the persons who belong to this movement reconstruccionista usually realize acts, marches and up to declarations to make listen and especially to "recruit" the people who fights also for the ideals of this ideology.

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