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Magic recipes with grasses

When we speak about magic recipes we do not refer to the charm in itself, but rather we are speaking about the grasses that are mixed usually and get together to realize different potions or conjurations.

Since well we know the grasses they have been our partners for already many centuries, since from the prehistory, the human beings were using them, not only like spices in his preys, but also for his magic properties. Not only they were preparing concoctions with them but also they usually honored his gods granting them gifts of aromatic and curative grasses. Now then, the magic recipes with grasses can be used in infusions, baths or even also it is possible to fumigate them, but it is important to bear in mind that if our intention is to continue a magic recipe by means of grasses to consume, not all the plants can be consumed.

Really some they can go so far as to provoke a very strong poisoning, for it, in case of the infusions, it is always better to find out earlier the properties of every grass. you prescribe - magia-hierbasThe infusion is probably one of the magic recipes of more well-known grasses, since in some moment of our life of course we will have drunk a tea done this way, but for those who do not know, the first thing that must be done is to quarrel that grass has the properties that we need for our magic recipes.

And once we obtain them we must place them in the fund d and a bowl or jarrito and spill water boiling on them, to allow them to rest from 5 until 10 minutes according to how loudly let's want you. In this sense it is important to remember that some grasses are much stronger than others and often his taste can be unpleasant, so we must be attentive with that. Although these magic recipes are much used to treat some complaints or pains, or even also to develop and to increase the memory is necessary that the necessary collections take before using them. We must be sure of not being allergic to any of them not that the same ones have negative influence on us.

Procedure to extract the grasses

The witches of the white magic, especially of the Wicca and Celt, use some magic recipes to purify, to realize cleanlinesses or to preserve the vibration of a certain place, or of the persons who live in him. The principal intention of these recipes of magic is that of "throwing" the negative influences using the grasses that they gather from the forests (since the ideal thing is that the same ones are in the pure and fresh state) as disfumaciones. The procedure is very simple since simply the grasses must be burned on children carbones burning interspersing for the place the smoke that this is leaving and reciting some prayer or conjuration according to our target. We want to stand out the fact that it is always better that the grasses for the magic recipes are obtained in the forests since it is the only way of obtaining n his wild state, but let's remember that entities of extracting it of his place, mother owes to ask the Goddess for permission so that to we should allow to remove the grass of the ground.

you prescribe - magia-brujaOne of the prayers most used by the witches Celtic to withdraw the grasses and power to carry out his magic recipes is the following one (we will use the amber as an example) “small amber plant, I ask you to deliver to me of your generosity what could help me in my work; become stronger with my caress, and more noble with my breather”, in case it is a question of a tree, then the name must be replaced. It is important to bear in mind that the Celtic witches and the Wicca usually stop a gift under the plant be already, a crystal of quartz, grains, stones or even silver coins.

Finally we want to emphasize that whenever a witch withdraws a grass for his magic recipes of a plant, this turns almost a ritual, since they must continue a certain steps quantity so that the grass should be withdrawn without hurting to the plant: the first step is to select the grass that is wished or needs in the magic recipes and it must always be in one day in which it is not in a humid day. The grasses must be tied in small bunches and it is important that these do not take moisture during his drying process since otherwise they can raise any type of mold. The drying process must be done to the sun, and every day the bunches they will have to turn round so that this way they receive many more ultraviolet radiation. In case the climate does not help and there is no sun but yes many moisture the best thing will be to dry the grasses inside the house since otherwise we will not achieve that they dry off and hence we will not be able to carry out the magic recipes; anyhow it is important that we always support them to a uniform temperature. Once the grasses are completely dry of that time they will have to be crushed and in case the drying process has been correct, of that time the grasses will have to go out almost pulverized. This is the best way in which we can use the grasses for our magic recipes since the whole process for which they happen, is loaded with our energy, something that would not spend if we buy them on any market.

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