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What is the palmistry?

The palmistry is a matter corresponding to the chiromancy, which focuses in the study and the analysis of the lines that we possess in the palm of the hand, since one believes that by means of his observation one manages to reveal the psychological and physiological profile of the person.

The palmistry usually unites to the divination and to the study of the secret sciences although there has always existed a quite high level of social and popular acceptance. At present the palmistry is considered to be a pseudo-science since in spite of the extensive studies that him have devoted themselves, it possesses neither any type of value nor scientific guarantee. Now then, a scientific hypothesis exists about the palmistry since there has been verified the existence of different chemical relations between the unconnected genes relating this way, different characters genotípicos. Those who practise the palmistry, make sure that this relation between the creases and lines of the hand with the numerous physical features not only exist but also they allow to study the psychological profile of each of the persons who surrender to the hand reading. Nevertheless those who defend this hypothesis about the palmistry do not present any type of study that shows the relation of the genes that are the determinants of the lines of the hand.

palmistry - handIn fact, there are great the features of the conduct and the personality caused by the environment, what implies an even major desvinculación with regard to what he says this hypothesis, and precisely for this reason it is that the palmistry does not have scientific validity. The palmistry, in addition to helping us to form a psychological profile of the person who is surrendering to the hand reading, many persons, especially gypsy women, use this method for the divination, since as it is said, the lines of the hands, interpreted correctly, they can help to know the destination of a person in addition to foreseeing past, present and future events.

Although it is not possible to affirm with certainty that really it is possible to use the palmistry as a divination method, if we can say that, due to the psychological profile that is seen during the hand reading a person with experience in the palmistry can know by intuition some things. Many chiromantists make sure that the relation between the psychology and the hand reading is very narrow therefore it might be possible that the same one reflects the changes to which the person is capable to be endured in a personal ambience, of behavior and emotionally. Also many people make sure that it is possible to predict illnesses by means of the palmistry. As well we said that previously the palmistry is considered to be a pseudo-science on the part of the scientific community since it does not expire with any basic requisite corresponding to the well-known scientific methods, and a very curious fact is that the magician and skeptical James Randi, offers a million dollars to any person who manages to demonstrate the veracity about using the palmistry as a divination method.

The types of hands as the palmistry

Both hands indicate us that different things, for example, the left hand denotes those aspects related to the ambitions, the tendencies and inherited inclinations that still have not been realized; for his part the right hand focuses in announcing the targets, loose ends, projects and the changes obtained after the same one to face the reality, hence, communicates the way in which our life should develop. The types of hands more known by the palmistry are the elementary hand, which is characterized for being strong, thick and with a rather short palm, short fingers and the features typical of the person who possesses these hands the fact is that they are simple, conformist, and have a big memory.

palmistry - symbolThe square hand usually stands out for his fingernails and phalanges with the same breadth as the length and fingers of square tops: in this case the persons who have these hands are obstinate, stubborn and assiduous. The hand espatulada is that that has a big palm with the very wide top of the fingers in the end, how in the shape of spatula: they are usually innovative, giddy and with anarchic and independent feelings.

This is due to the fact that they prefer always to expire with themselves although the rest of the persons does not please. According to the hand reading, the mystical hand is a narrow hand, with the long fingers and it possesses a very slender and sharp-pointed form: in this case the individuals are usually very agreeable persons but who need the constant company of the people since this makes them feel more safe. The philosophical hand is characterized for being a kidling and with the strong thumbs: they possess a vivacious intelligence and are usually persons with a big sense of humor although they tend to be very solitary and to shut themselves up if the same; finally there is the artistic hand that possesses a rectangular palm and generally the fingernails are oval: sentimental, impulsive and romantic they deny wing routine to themselves and by it the tasks start enthusiastically but due to his untidy character they get bored and they never finish them.

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