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Purgatory, the purification of the souls

The purgatory is the transitory state of purification that there need all those persons who have died under the God's grace, but that his soul needs a major purification due to the sins committed in the ground.

Many persons think that when a soul is sent to the purgatory, it is because it deserves to receive a punishment luck, but the true thing is that the purgatory is not a punishment as the hell. It is important to bear in mind that one of the most important Christian beliefs is that God created the man so that they enjoy his creator in the Glory, nevertheless, all we have been guilty of some sin, and precisely a soul might never enter this condition the sky, for this reason the fact is that we all need a purification and a redemption before going to the sky. One believes that in the purgatory the salvation is possible only across Jesus since there is who purifies the souls with the power of his blood so that we wash our sins and could be admitted into the sky.

To happen for the purgatory is basically a requisite to enter the sky, since for already some time very few are the persons who really open to the God's grace as to manage to die free of any sin; a very important detail is that he believes that with the prayers, we are capable of helping to the souls that are in the purgatory. On the other hand we must say that although the purgatory is not a definite doctrine, it is supported like a common doctrine, which it indicates us that the biggest suffering in the purgatory should consist of the “sorrow of absence” since it is supposed that the souls are removed temporarily from the beatific vision. purgatory - imageNevertheless we must not confuse this suffering with that of the hell since the last one has no comparison.

Since we have said, the purgatory is temporary and exactly for this reason there is had the hope of which the souls that are there being purified, in some moment are going to amount to the sky. On the other hand it is important to bear in mind that the sorrow in the purgatory is proportional to the sins of the persons, and one believes that the same ones begin to diminish in a gradual way increasing this way the possibilities of entering the sky. We must emphasize that all the souls in the purgatory in some moment amount to the sky, since as well we said, in spite of not being completely purified they meet in perfect harmony god. A very common question that usually arises when we speak about the purgatory is: What happens when we have been absolved across the confession?, and it is important that we bear in mind that the confession does not liberate us completely of fault, since although we obtain the pardon, the same one does not repair the damage that we have already provoked. On the contrary, we must repair this damage ourselves across l achievement of good works or sacrifices.

Different religious visions of the purgatory

For his part the orthodox orienta church neither accepts nor believes in the existence of the purgatory but it is something very common that the persons traditionally, they offer prayer and prayers to his deceased, to ask God to show them his compassion and love. On the other hand the Protestant churches push this idea back, and exactly the Lutheran reform was created by the denunciation that Lutero realized against the sales of indulgences, which were a luck of ecclesiastic exemptions that supposedly they were managing to liberate to the souls of the step along the purgatory in exchange for money, for the purpose of financing the construction of the church of San Pedro; in fact with this collected money it was paid to Miguel Ángel and to many artists who took part.

purgatory - photoThe Lutero description as for the purgatory has to do with an ill-disposed invention on the part of the anticrucifix to create a confusion in the man and to cheat it saying to him that a pardon exists after the death, nevertheless, the catholic church is opposed flatly to this version. According to the Roman catholic doctrine, there exists a very important difference between the purgatory and the hell, since one believes that only in the hell it is where a real damage sorrow happens, being this the punishment ultraarea to the current distaste of God.

Now then, in the purgatory we can distinguish: the delay of the Glory that would come to be the theological tradition that explains the damage sorrow, although the same one has not anything in common with the sorrow of damage of the hell. The damage sorrow in the purgatory means the extension of the time that is taken in coming to God. On the other hand there is the Sorrow of sense, where one believes that God makes use of the demons to carry out the punishments corresponding to the souls that need a purification. Finally we do not want to allow saying that the simbología must not be badly understood. The purgatory is not a place in strict sense, it is rather a sensation, the state of unhappiness and suffering, not of torture as if it it is the hell.

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