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Psicofonia, an almost tangible test

Many people wonder: "What is the psicofonia?" to this we answer that it is not perceptible sound to the human ear but that if he can go so far as to remain registered in such magnetic tapes like those of the cassette players or the videotapes.

The psicofonia is one of the paranormal phenomena most studied inside the parapsychology, where the denomination that is given him is that of “transcomunicación set of instruments”, that basically it is a question of the capacity of communicating with entities, rather spirits or demons, by means of different devices as the newly mentioned ones. An important detail to be emphasized is that the name of sicofonia is not a term correctly appropriately, since basically this word refers to the fact that it would be a question of synods produced by our mind; the correct term is that assigned by Germán de Argumosa: "parafonias". The psicofonia as paranormal phenomenon was discovered in the year 1959 by the singer of opera Friedich Ferguson, which trying to record the sound of the singing of a bird placed a small tape recorder in half of the forest and length continues being waited there a little bit to which the bird will begin to sing.

psicofonias-photosWhen logóo his assignment and he prepared to listen to the tapes in his house, he verified that in the above mentioned recording a person was listening tried to imitate the sound of the birds and then a person speaking making comments about the singing of the birds. Thinking that someone had got into the recording without knowing it, Freguson decided to reject this tape and realize another recording. On the following day there repeated the whole previous operation but this time putting essential care of which nobody interferes so that this one does not remain ruined, but at the end of the day, on having listened to the new recording, again this voice appeared speaking.

This time Ferguson began to pay a lot of more attention in the same one and discovered that the one who was speaking in the above mentioned recording was his deceased mother, calling it to be able to communicate with him. From this case it begun to be studied to spread all over the world the possibility that the sicofonia helps us to communicate to us with the already deceased wanted beings. On the other hand, to answer to the question: "What is the psicofonia?" there developed many theories that they try to explain to the sicofonia or to the events psicofonicos, and one of the most curious is that that say that it is a question neither of bogeys nor dark entities, but it is a question of extraterrestrial beings who want to communicate with the ground to be able to report about his existence. Perhaps of all the theories of the psicofonia, this one is most ridiculed on the part of the skeptics, but there are great the investigators who up to today believe firmly and investigate this possibility. Other one of the theories that try to describe the sicofonia is named like unconscious ventriloquism, and in this one it is explained that the voices registered in the tapes are not anything more that an involuntary movement of the vocal cords which produces a sound that is impossible to perceive for the human ear but that if he manages to remain captured of the tapes. This theory turns out to be quite guessed right, but regrettably he does not explain the phenomenon of psicofonia that registers in a room where there is nothing more that a simple burning engraver.

Psicofonías in video

psicofonias-tvSince well we have said the sicofonia it is a sound that can only be perceived by recording devices, and these include the videocassette recorders, but it is important that the psicofonias do not make a mistake in videos, with the spirits videos since in this case we are not speaking about images taken a film camera but it is a question of sounds that are received in a videocassette recorder. The recording is obtained using a common videotape, where it will have to record the television but in some point or channel of interference, as it is done by the radioes.

In addition to the Psicofonia of the spirits, it is possible also that there appears some type of image, which will not be completely clear as it happens with the bogeys videos, but if it is possible to observe the silhouette of persons, of his bodies or his faces. As it happens with the spiritualistic meetings, in the recording of this event psicofonico alone seem those spirits that want to communicate with the world of the alive ones, be already to give a message or simply for the need to communicate with his family. On the other hand we want to stand out the fact that the psicofonia can be recorded by any person, necessary being is not an expert in the topic, but it is important that we bear in mind that as the rest of the methods that are used the dead persons communicate commonly, it is necessary n to use it neither as a Mede of entertainment nor diversion, and much less to realize these recordings simply for curiosity. Let's remember that the sicofonia is one of the most tangible methods that have been to know if the life after the death really exists.

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